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F&SF’s Hugo Nominees Now Online

Late last week, I posted about F&SF’s stories that have made this year’s Hugo ballot. Three out of four were already on our website because they’re also Nebula nominees. Now the fourth–"Finisterra" by David Moles–is available as well. Here’s a handy list with links:

Novella: "Stars Seen Through Stone" by Lucius Shepard (July 2007), "Memorare" by Gene Wolfe (April 2007)

Novelette: "The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate" by Ted Chiang (Sept. 2007); "Finisterra" by David Moles (Dec. 2007)

2008 Hugo Award Finalists

The 2008 Hugo Award finalists have been announced, and I’m pleased to report that F&SF editor Gordon Van Gelder is once again a nominee in the best professional editor (short form) category, and that several F&SF stories made the cut.

Novella: "Stars Seen Through Stone" by Lucius Shepard (July 2007), "Memorare" by Gene Wolfe (April 2007)

Novelette: "The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate" by Ted Chiang (Sept. 2007); "Finisterra" by David Moles (Dec. 2007)

Congrats to these authors, and to the rest of the nominees!

2007 Recommended Reading Lists

Dave Truesdale has posted his 2007 recommended reading list for short fiction over at Black Gate. Here are the stories from F&SF that made the cut:

Short Stories

“Red Card” by S. L. Gilbow (F&SF, Feb.) SF

“A Thing Forbidden” by Donald Mead (F&SF, Apr.) F/H

“PowerSuit™” by M. K. Hobson (F&SF, July) SF

“Cold Comfort” by Ray Vukcevich (F&SF, July) SF

“The Mole Cure” by Nancy Farmer (F&SF, Aug.) F

“The Tomb Wife” by Gwyneth Jones (F&SF, Aug.) SF

“Who Brought Tulips to the Moon?” by S. L. Gilbow (F&SF, Dec.) SF

“Osama Phone Home” by David Marusek (F&SF, Dec.) SF

“Don’t Ask” by M. Rickert (F&SF, Dec.) F


“Fool” by John Morressy (F&SF, Feb.) F

“Dance of Shadows” by Fred Chappell (F&SF, Mar.) F

“Wizard’s Six” by Alex Irvine (F&SF, June) F

“Lazaro y Antonio” by Marta Randall (F&SF, June) SF

“Car 17” by P. E. Cunningham (F&SF, July) F

“A Wizard of the Old School” by Chris Willrich (F&SF, Aug.) F

“The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” by Ted Chiang (F&SF, Sep.) F

“Two Weeks After” by M. Ramsey Chapman (F&SF, Oct./Nov.) F

“The Diamond Shadow” by Fred Chappell (F&SF, Oct./Nov.) F

“The Recreation Room” by Albert E. Cowdrey (F&SF, Oct./Nov.) F

“Urdumheim” by Michael Swanwick” (F&SF, Oct./Nov.) SF

“The Bone Man” by Frederic S. Durbin (F&SF, Dec.) H

“Finisterra” by David Moles (F&SF, Dec.) SF


“Kiosk” by Bruce Sterling (F&SF, Jan.) SF

“The Helper and His Hero” Part 1, by Matthew Hughes (F&SF, Feb.) SF

“The Helper and His Hero” Part 2, by Matthew Hughes (F&SF, Mar.) SF

“Memorare” by Gene Wolfe (F&SF, Apr.) SF

“The Master Miller’s Tale” by Ian R. MacLeod (F&SF, May) F

“Stars Seen Through Stone” by Lucius Shepard” (F&SF, July) SF


Speaking of awards, the deadline for the 2008 Hugo Awards nominations is March 1. You must be an attending or supporting member of this year’s Worldcon, or have been an attending or supporting member of last year’s, to nominate. You still have time to mail in a paper ballot (which is handy in case you can’t find your membership number and/or PIN), or you can vote online.

The 38th annual Locus Awards ballot is also online. Voting is open to all. Deadline for is April 15.

Go and vote for your favorite F&SF titles!

Final Nebula Awards Ballot

This year’s final Nebula Awards ballot has been released. Congrats to all of the F&SF authors who made the cut:

Gordon posted the full ballot over on the forum.

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