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Free Fiction: Footnotes by Charles Coleman Finlay

"Footnotes" by Charles Coleman Finlay originally appeared in our August 2001 issue. It’s currently available on Finlay’s website.

Free Fiction: Dale Bailey (x3)

The following stories by Dale Baliey originally appeared in the pages of F&SF. Now they’re all available online:

"Heat," Sep. 2000 [link]

"The Rain at the End of the World," Jul. 1999 [link]

"Night of the Fireflies," Jan. 1998 [link]

Free Fiction: James Patrick Kelly (x2)

"Serpent" by James Patrick Kelly originally appeared in our May 2004 issue. Kelly has since adapted it to audio as part of his "Free Reads" podcast. [link]

Another story of Kelly’s, "The Pyramid of Amirah," appeared in our March 2002 issue. That one is also now available via Free Reads. [link]

Free Fiction: Eating Hearts by Yoon Ha Lee

“Eating Hearts” by Yoon Ha Lee originally appeared in our June 2005 issue. Podcastle recently adapted it to audio, which you can listen to on their podcast [mp3].

Free Fiction: The Rainmaker by Mary Rosenblum

"The Rainmaker" by Mary Rosenblum originally appeared in our Oct/Nov 1998 issue. StarShipSofa recently adapted it to audio, which you can listen to on their podcast [mp3].

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