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The Expanse

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  • Started 3 years ago by Chris DeVito
  • Latest reply from Steve R.

  1. Chris DeVito

    Yep, airlocks on the floor. If you ... ah ... "spin up," so to say, to the beginning of this thread you can see me thinking out loud while trying to figure that one out.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. Steve R.

    One of those minor (but very obvious) details that are easily overlooked. Just prior to going into battle the crew of the Rocinante suited up in anticipation of the hull being punctured. Smart.

    The "Expanse" reminds me of C. J. Cherryh's "Down Below Series". Clearly they are not the same, but both universes involve the culture/sociology living in "stations" and the complex relationships between separatists, different governments, and mysterious private companies. Who's pulling the string?

    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. geoffhart1962

    Chis... followed the link earlier in the thread, and yes, it seems likely they're spinning Ceres for artificial gravity. That would lead to the ceiling overhead oriented towards the center of the asteroid, and the floor at one's feet oriented away from the surface. Then the airlock scene makes perfect sense. But now I'll have to watch to see if the stars are rotating visibly. Haven't had enough coffee yet to attempt a back-of-envelope calculation, but with a diameter of only 950 km, I suspect it would have to spin quite rapidly to achieve that level of centrifugal force*, and that would make landing a ship tricky.

    * To the physicists in the crowd. I understand why this is technically a "pseudoforce", but from my empiricist's perspective, it's every bit as real as centripetal force since you can measure it.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  4. geoffhart1962

    Now partway into the 2nd season, and still enjoying the show. On the whole, I think they're doing a credible job of trying to keep the scientific aspects at least somewhat real, though of course I have nits to pick. Still, definitely gets two thumbs up from me.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  5. Steve R.

    It’s official: Amazon has saved The Expanse

    Season 4 is coming to Amazon Prime

    From the Verge: "It’s official: The Expanse has been saved. After the Syfy Channel canceled The Expanse earlier this month, Alcon Entertainment has confirmed that Amazon will pick up the show for a fourth season, after after outcry from the show’s fans."

    Posted 1 year ago #

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