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May-June 2016 issue

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  • Started 2 years ago by Gordon Van Gelder
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  1. Gordon Van Gelder

  2. digdug

    My original subscription copy of this issue never arrived. When I eventually followed up with Gordon and crew they promptly sent me another copy and this arrived in a timely fashion. I'm glad it did!

    This is one of the strongest issues of F&SF that I've ever read. The only story that I didn't truly enjoy was "The Great Silence" by Chiang and friends. But even this story was fine. I just couldn't make myself believe the main premise.

    Every single other story in the issue was stronger than average by quite a bit.

    I'm having trouble picking a favorite.

    I've run into Brian Trent elsewhere and he has quickly become a name that I look for. "Last of the Sharkspeakers" was a delight. The 'true humans' were the bad guys.

    Pat MacEwen is another author I have enjoyed in the past and "Coyote Song" was a wonderful story. I loved how the main character was unsure of how she felt at the end.

    William Ledbetter is a totally new name to me, but "Falling Up" had all the right stuff. Gotta like it when the corporation bad guys get what's coming to them.

    Again, Ted Kosmatka is a strong author. I've enjoyed his work in the past. As the blurb says, "The Stone War" is unlike anything I've read before. Everything follows logically in the story though. I never would have predicted after the first few pages that the Stone war would have many parallels to the cold war. Well done Mr. Kosmatka and well done Mr. Finlay for putting together such a strong issue.

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