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E. L. Colley Of Atherton, CA?

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  • Started 9 months ago by BevanEvansMcdougie
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  1. BevanEvansMcdougie

    Does anybody remember a fan named E. L, Colley, of Atherton, CA? ~ Yes, that's the Bev-ster's TRUE ~ No, t'aint, but it is the name on a whole bunch of 1980s and 1900s subscription copies of SF digests tat I bought some of at a dollar per at the Family Thrift Shop in the Mission nabe of San Francisco. Buncha ASIMOV'S and F&SF mebbe there was one ANALOG...Again, cover-labeled subscription comies of 20th SF mags addressed to EL COLLEY in Atherton.
    To put it bluntly, one presumes he's dead, and whoever his heirs were donated them.
    No, I'm not sexist...other copies that the ones I have here now said " Edward ":-)!
    The first time I was there and saw them, the same store also had a shrinkwrapped brick of the complete 1968 run of ANALOG behind the counter...When I looked at it, there was no sub label visible on the visible pages.
    My younger brother died recently myself, very unexpectedly:-(...........

    Posted 9 months ago #
  2. MattHughes

    As part of my world-wandering and housesitting lifestyle, I tend to buy my clothes at thrift stores and throw/give them away when it's time to take a plane and I need to lighten my luggage.

    It occurs to me I'm right now wearing a pair of jeans that probably belonged to someone who died. Might be the basis for a story.

    Posted 9 months ago #

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