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Circulation Figures for Science Fiction Magazines in 2016

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  1. Ron

    Science fiction magazine circulation figures from _The Year's Best Science Fiction_ edited by Gardner Dozois:

    "Asimov’s Science Fiction registered a 10.1 percent loss in overall circulation, down to 17,313 from 2015’ s 19,250. There were 8,191 print subscriptions and 7,078 digital subscription, for a total of 15,269, down from 2015’ s 17,052. Newsstand sales were down to 2,044 from 2015’ s 2,198 copies. Sell-through remained steady at 37 percent. Sheila Williams completed her thirteenth year as Asimov’s editor....

    Analog registered a 7.7 percent loss in overall circulation, down to 21,573 from 2015’ s 20,356. There were 18,800 subscriptions, down from 2015’ s 20,356 subscriptions; of this total, 13,066 were print subscriptions, while 5,734 were digital subscriptions. Newsstand sales were down slightly to 2,773 from 2015’ s 3,019. Sell-through was 43 percent. Editor Trevor Quachi completed his third full year as editor....

    F& SF registered a slight 1.8 rise in overall circulation from 9,877 to 10,055, although as digital sales figures are not available for F&SF, there’s no way to be certain what the actual circulation number is. Subscriptions dropped slightly from 7,576 to 7,247; of that total, 2,808 copies were sold on the newsstand, up from 2015’ s 2,301, with no information on how many digital sales there were. Sell-through rose to 33 percent. Charles Coleman Finlay completed his first full year as F&SF, having taken over from Gordon Van Gelder, who had edited the magazine for eighteen years, with the March/ April 2015 issue. Van Gelder remains as the magazine’s owner and publisher, as he has been since 2014."

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  2. Ron

    The circulation figures are lower now than the figures reported in 2012:

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