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Your Favorite Stories of 2017?

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  • Started 11 months ago by J-Sun
  • Latest reply from C.C. Finlay

  1. J-Sun

    I asked the same thing on another forum, but wanted to get insight from here as well, especially as we've got dedicated short fiction readers here:

    I recently posted a couple of "virtual anthologies" on my blog:

    Web’s Best Science Fiction #1 (2017 Stories)
    Web’s Best Fantasy #1 (2017 Stories)

    and I was wondering what stories you'd enjoyed this year. I'd especially be curious about stories from the semi-prozines and the like, as I don't get around to reading those generally. But whether you've got one favorite or many and from whatever source, post 'em up here (optionally with a word or two about it/them). (I have mainly in mind stories actually from 2017 but I guess if you've read an older story this year, that'd be fair game, too. Also thinking mainly of SF/F/H but it can be any kind.)

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. Mark Pontin


    Thanks for doing this work.

    I'm going to go through your list of SF stories, because I certainly haven't had the time to winnow through the electronic fiction zines. Nor the patience: as Neil Clarke of CLARKESWORLD says, it's mostly chaff out there,

    On the print side, I let my subscription to ASIMOV'S lapse. But I glance through it at the public library to keep track of what's going on and there hasn't seemed to be much going on there this year. Robert Reed, that old reliably prolific source of SF quality stories for ASIMOV'S (and everywhere else), seems to have cut back his production and in general there seems to be a dearth of authors able to write SF -- not fantasy, not space opera -- in the zines. Those who can still write SF are presumably mostly writing for anthologies.

    In F&SF, David Erik Nelson's “There Was a Crooked Man, He Flipped a Crooked House” struck me favorably. It's fantasy and it actually doesn't have much in the way of plot development or ideas. Nevertheless, that Nelson could carry such a long story mostly on the basis of his skills with tone-of-voice, characterization and pacing speaks well for him.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  3. Gordon Van Gelder

    A couple of anthologies with stories I liked:

    SCIENCE FICTION BY SCIENTISTS, ed. Michael Brotherton:


    Posted 11 months ago #
  4. at78rpm

    I loved reading The Cat Bell, by Esther Friesner. I know it was published in '16, but I didn't get around to reading it until the summer of 2017.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  5. J-Sun

    Mark: It is true that there is a lot of winnowing to be done. As I say in the blog post, Sturgeon's law basically holds and the average isn't very high, but the peaks are still pretty lofty. Also, yeah, the "real SF" is scarcer than I'd like. The Egan, Kennedy, Vinge, Nagata, and Prasad are probably the most science fictional though, in exchange, perhaps, all are near-future Earth-based tales (Nagata's Mars being visited only remotely from the story's POV). The space-based or extra-terrestrial Schwitzgebel and Dudak are really wild and sensawunda, though.

    I've heard a lot of good things about that Nelson and I hope to check it out sometime.

    Gordon: I was able to review that Brotherton anthology for Tangent and especially loved "Down and Out." That reminds me that I need to post an addendum to the SF/F lists. I'd liked some stories that weren't quite SF/F or 2017 or webzines or original and that was one, being from an anthology that came out in 2016 but was dated 2017 and was reprinted by a webzine. Thanks for reminding me. I look forward to reading that Finn/Eschrich, too - sounds like my kind of thing.

    at78rpm: Hadn't noticed that one, but I'll keep an eye out for it, too.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  6. digdug

    Here are my faves from 2017

    The Noise and the Silence - Christien Gholson - Interzone
    Crimson Birds of Small Miracles - Sean Monaghan - Asimov's

    There are 8 or 9 more that I really liked a lot as well including

    The Man Who Put the Bomp - Richard Chwedyk - F & SF

    Posted 11 months ago #
  7. C.C. Finlay
    Charles Coleman Finlay

    I'm very glad to see "The Man Who Put the Bomp" show up in this thread. I thought it was one of the most fun stories I read this year and I'm so glad we had the chance to publish it. But it hasn't got as much buzz elsewhere online as I might have hoped. Also happy to see David Erik Nelson's "There Was a Crooked Man, He Flipped a Crooked House" -- I thought it was a good year for novellas around here.

    Posted 11 months ago #

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