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Solo: A Star Wars Story

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  • Started 11 months ago by Steve R.
  • Latest reply from Marian

  1. Steve R.

    We enjoyed it. Maybe the mediocre reviews lowered my expectations. It was fast paced, liked the characters, and was a successful prequel that filled in some the Star Wars characters back-stories. I was able to successfully overcome my disbeliefs for the sake of an enjoyable experience.

    My only complaint, either the film was filmed dark and/or the projector had a low wattage bulb, as many scenes were very dark and difficult to see. (On another movie, it was dark on-screen at the theater, but then when we saw it at home on DVD it was much brighter.)

    ==========================SPOILER ALERT=======================

    One tired trope that I hate to see concerning the romance angle of any movie is the death of one in the process of saving the life of the other during an all-out fight with the bad guy. The good news, is that this movie kept both Han and Qi'ra alive while killing the bad guy. So they both lived.

    The unfortunate aspect of this, is that Han and Qi'ra now have "unfinished business" that may have to be resolved in a future movie before Han meets Leia. Hopefully it won't be brutal and Qi'ra will be saved from dark side.

    When the Kessel run came-up I began to speculate on how both Lando and L3-37 would become disabled so that Han could assume piloting the Millennium Falcon. The movie kept me guessing on that, so that was a positive.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. Marian

    Saw Solo yesterday. Good, fast paced action flick. All the acting is good. Alden wisely doesn't try to imitate Harrison Ford but creates his own character. That said, like you, Steve, I found it too dark but I mean in background plot and world building. Solo is struggling to make a life in a very dark, gritty, brutal world. The movie brings in as many Star Wars references as it can and I think it might be better without them and just be enjoyed as a straight forward future adventure.

    Posted 11 months ago #

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