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July-August 2018 issue

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  • Started 2 months ago by Gordon Van Gelder
  • Latest reply from digdug

  1. Gordon Van Gelder

    July/August • 69th Year of Publication

    Freezing Rain, a Chance of Falling -75- L. X. Beckett

    Visible Cities -164- Rachel Pollack
    Broken Wings -233- William Ledbetter

    The Phobos Experience -6- Mary Robinette Kowal
    The Prevaricator -26- Matthew Hughes
    The Queen of the Peri Takes Her Time -43- Corey Flintoff
    The Adjunct -152- Cassandra Rose Clarke
    Bedtime Story -188- James Sallis
    Morbier -204- R. S. Benedict
    Hainted -218- Ashley Blooms

    Books to Look For -57- Charles de Lint
    Musing on Books -66- Michelle West
    Science: Why Do Kites Fly? -193- Jerry Oltion
    Films: In the Queue -199- David J. Skal
    Coming Attractions -256-
    Curiosities -258- Paul Di Filippo

    Cartoons: Nick Downes (25), Bill Long (65), Danny Shanahan(151), .


    Posted 2 months ago #
  2. Dr. Caligari

    Good to see Rachel Pollack back. And Matt Hughes is always a treat.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  3. MattHughes

    Thanks, Doc. It's not a Baldemar story, though it's in the same universe.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  4. Gordon Van Gelder

  5. Gordon Van Gelder

    Sam Tomaino's review is up at SF REVU:

    Posted 1 month ago #
  6. Dr. Caligari

    Some excellent stories in this issue, some I didn't love.

    "Freezing Rain..." started as one of those cutesy 'if this goes on' social-satire stories, this time about social media, but gets darker and deeper as it goes along. A very good read.

    Rachel Pollack's "Visible Cities" is a spin-off from her Jack Shade series of stories, but is very different in style and tone from those, and all the better for that.

    "The Prevaricator" is a Matthew Hughes story, so what is there to say but that it is yet another clever, fun read?

    On the less positive side, I loved the cover, but neither of the two stories picked to match it worked very well for me. "The Phobos Experience" is set in an alternate history where we explored Mars in the 1970s, but doesn't plausibly explain how the space program became so advanced so early, and the 1970s angle adds nothing to the story. The story itself turns out to be about space pirates, a plot device that was already old and tired when Planet Stories published space pirate stories in the 1940s. And "Broken Wings" has a brief moment of interest with the alien artifact, but then becomes a story pirates. Again.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  7. C.C. Finlay
    Charles Coleman Finlay

    Jacob Olson at Reviews and Robots provided in-depth reviews on the stories in the July/August issue. Some of the reviews contain spoilers:

    Posted 5 days ago #
  8. digdug

    Just finished reading this issue.

    Well! I really liked 'The Long Fall Up'. William Ledbetter has gone and done it. I liked 'Broken Wings' even more. Both Marcie and Bernard are very likable characters. Hope we get to see more of them.

    Most of the other stories were good to very good. I especially liked the ones from old friends Hughes and Pollack.

    Overall a very good issue.

    Posted 7 hours ago #

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