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Venom - & The " B ' MCU

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  • Started 6 months ago by BevanEvansMcdougie

  1. BevanEvansMcdougie

    I recently saw VENOM, with Tom Hardy (Modest spoilers). It's is of a Marvel Comics character - the evil, pshyco outer space symbiote counterpart to Spider-Man, who became popular enough that he was rejiggered to being an antihero, fighting against his murderous impulses - unless a real baddie comes along, at which time he goes into brain-eating mode!
    It was a Marvel character, but not a " Marvel movie ", as it was from Sony)Columbia, not Marvel/Disney - Sony retains the movie rights to Spider-Man, and to all spin-off/associated characters, and I'd trying to make adivision " B " MCU out of this. Perhaps you knew this already.

    Posted 6 months ago #

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