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Pokemon Detective Pikachu

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  • Started 5 months ago by BevanEvansMcdougie
  • Latest reply from Greg

  1. BevanEvansMcdougie

    I saw the above-beadered movie this night. No colon or semi- in the title, that's right! Shot on film! I saw it flat, not 3-D - cuz that's how the Bevster rolls. They're just so all-fired goldanged CUTE! I tell ya.

    Posted 5 months ago #
  2. Greg

    There's a theory that yokai are insidiously slipping across the unprotected borders of the American imagination disguised as pokemon.

    Posted 5 months ago #
  3. Greg

    (Hmm... Pardon the digression. In that 3D image immediately above, something peculiar happens with the shadows of Pikachu's ears and of the little guy in front. My understanding of how 3D vision and images work tells me the shadows should be resting on the background surfaces, where they were in reality, but instead they seem to be hovering in space above the background surfaces like floating phantoms. I have no theory that would explain this effect.)

    Posted 5 months ago #

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