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A Mythical Form of Space Propulsion to be Tested (Again)

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  • Started 6 months ago by Steve R.
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  1. Steve R.

    Wired Magazine article: A Mythical Form of Space Propulsion Finally Gets a Real Test

    "So a team of physicists at Germany’s Technische Universität Dresden set out to create a device that would fill this need. Led by physicist Martin Tajmar, the SpaceDrive project aims to create an instrument so sensitive and immune to interference that it would put an end to the debate once and for all. In October, Tajmar and his team presented their second set of experimental EmDrive measurements at the International Astronautical Congress, and their results will be published in Acta Astronautica this August. Based on the results of these experiments, Tajmar says a resolution to the EmDrive saga may only be a few months away."

    Of particular interest. The EmDrive is a derivative of the Dean Drive. John W. Campbell was an outspoken advocate of the Dean Drive.

    A short blurb from the book Pseudoscience and Science Fiction by Andrew May.

    Will John Campbell's confidence finally be validated?

    Posted 6 months ago #
  2. oblomov

    "In late 2016, Tajmar and 25 other physicists gathered in Estes Park, Colorado, for the first conference dedicated to the EmDrive and related exotic propulsion systems."

    I would like to visit this event just to see what kind of a scene it is.

    Posted 2 months ago #

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