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Wings of Desire

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  1. Ron

    Austria’s Peter Handke has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

    Peter Handke co-wrote the screenplay for Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire). Peter Handke has a connection to fantasy fiction.

    High ratings for Wings of Desire at Rotten Tomatoes:

    Posted 4 months ago #
  2. Greg

    In my opinion, "Winds of Desire" is a much better film than the American remake, "City of Angels", though the latter is worth watching. Good for Peter Handke.

    Posted 4 months ago #
  3. oblomov

    I have always found it more interesting to listen to Wim Wenders talk about film than to watch his films themselves. There's something about his movies that I don't quite get -- though I could see Wings of Desire being a time-and-place sort of thing for people who were in Germany leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall. I'm a much bigger fan of Herzog, Fassbinder, and Volker Schloendorff when it comes to that era of German cinema. The big exception is his documentary about Ozu, Tokyo-Ga, which is one of my favorites.

    Posted 4 months ago #

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