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The Secret Origins of Weird Tales: After a century of secrecy, silence, and deceit, the true history unveiled.

The Great Boo-Boo by Henry S. Wilcox—one of the strangest American novels of the 19th century. Never before reprinted!

Advance to 2035
By: Irene Pierce Dunn
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Imagine a World where wars have ended, and all the babies being born are mysteriously born healers. Brenda Rivera shares a slice of her life in the year 2035. She encounters renewed hope, clash of purposes with a famous chess grand master, intrigues with a building manager and romance.

Enter Brenda's world in the year 2035!

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THE DIGEST ENTHUSIAST: Interviews, articles, and reviews about past and current genre fiction magazines—plus fiction.>

King's Signet
Magical & Sword Realm Novel
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"Aim High: The Inspirational Quotes of Morton Rushman," now for sale. Write to Inmate #D48761, Nassau Cnty Corr Ctr, East Meadow, NY.

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