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The Secret Origins of Weird Tales: After a century of secrecy, silence, and deceit, the true history unveiled.

Dazzle Resplendent: Adventures of a Misanthropic Dog by Scott Bradfield. Humor with bite! Available through Amazon.

Welcome to Witchlandia by Steven Popkes: "An exciting and fun combination of hard-boiled police procedural and supernatural thriller."—James L. Cambias. Available from

GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY, an anthology of SF stories on repopulation. "A fun thing, especially for fans of classic SF."—Black Gate

A Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Paul Aermont Among the Planets—a charming flight of fancy from 1873.

The Wind in His Heart by Charles de Lint. Available in all good digital stores. Vist

SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5, CATTLE 0. The first 58 F&SF contests are collected in Oi, Robot, edited by Edward L. Ferman and illustrated with cartoons. $11.95 postpaid from F&SF, PO Box 3447, Hoboken, NJ 07030.




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