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Index to Volumes 96 & 97, January-December 1999
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Author     Title     Month Page
Anderson, PoulThe Shrine for Lost ChildrenOcN 198
Arnason, EleanorThe Actors (novella) Dec 105
Aurelian, Robin A Choice of Graces Jan 42

Bacigalupi, Paolo Pocketful of Dharma (novelet) Feb 4
Bailey, Dale The Rain at the End of the World Jul 42
Bash, Kent Cover for "Lizard Men of Los Angeles" Jul
Bauman, Jill Covers for "The Actors" Dec
  "The Secret History of the Ornithopter" Jun
Baxter, Stephen Huddle (novelet) May 86
Bell, M. Shayne And All Our Banners Flying Apr 94
Benford, Gregory Science Jan,Mar,Apr,May,Jun, Sep,OcN
Berman, Ruth Curiosities Aug 162
Bischoff, Dave Joy to the World Jan 73
Bishop, Michael Philip K. Dick Is Dead, a Lass (poem) Mar 52
Bisson, Terry macs OcN 18
  Smoother Jan 132
Bonestell, Chesley/design by Rob CatalanoCover for: Saturn from Mimas OcN
Bowes, Richard Curiosities May 162
  A Huntsman Passing By Jun 14
Bradbury, Ray I Was There the Day the World Ended, I Was There the Day the World Began (guest editorial) OcN 10
Bradfield, Scott Dazzle Redux Dec 39
Braunbeck, Gary A.Small Song (novelet) May 139

Card, Orson Scott Vessel (novelet) Dec 8
Carroll, Jonathan Fish in a Barrel OcN 181
Cheney, Tom Cartoons Feb,Mar,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,OcN
Chilson, Rob The Hestwood (novelet) Apr 136
Cotham, Frank Cartoons Sep,OcN
Cowdrey, Albert E.Revenge May 47

David, Peter The Archetype Feb 83
de Kruyff, NicholasBurger's Head May 113
de Lint, Charles Books to Look for Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,OcN,Dec
Di Fate, Vincent Cover for "Ninety Percent of Everything" Sep
Di Filippo, Paul Plumage from Pegasus Jan,Feb,Apr,Jun,Jul,OcN
DiChario, NickSarajevo Mar 95
Doherty, Paul see: Pat Murphy,
Dyer, S.N. Mr. Battlesby and the Haunted House May 135

Eggleton, Bob Cover for "Strongbow" Aug
Edghill, India We Are the Dead Apr 55
Eklund, Gordon The Cross Road Blues (novelet) Feb 112
Ellison, Harlan Objects of Desire in the Mirror Are Closer than They Appear OcN 75
Emshwiller, Carol Acceptance Speech OcN 269
Epstein, Benita Cartoons Jun,Dec
Etchemendy, Nancy Werewife Jun 110

Farris, Joseph Cartoons May,Jul,Aug,Sep,OcN
Ferrell, Keith Curiosities Mar 162
Finch, Sheila No Brighter Glory (novelet) Apr 4
Ford, JeffreyCuriosities Apr 162
Friesner, Esther M.How to Make Unicorn Pie (novelet) Jan 4
  Sea-Section Jul 135

Gaiman, Neil Curiosities Jul 162
Garcia y Robertson, R.Strongbow (novelet) Aug 4
Garland, Michael Cover for "Pocket Full of Dharma" Feb
Goulart, Ron How Heather Moon Kept My Life from Getting Completely Fouled up Again OcN 86
Grossbach, Robert Of Scorned Women and Causal Loops Jan 84

Hand, Elizabeth Books Jan,May,Sep,
Harris, S. Cartoons Jan,Feb,May,
Harrison, M. John Suicide Coast Jul 142
Heath, Mark Cartoon May
Hoffman, Nina KirikiSalvage Efforts Aug 120

Jensen, Jan LarsThe Secret History of the Ornithopter (novelet)Jun 126
Jonik, John Cartoon OcN

Kandel, Michael Hooking Up Aug 50
Kelly, James Patrick see Jonathan Lethem  
Kessel, John: see Jonathen Lethem  
Killheffer, Robert K.J.Books Mar,Jun,OcN

Laidlaw, Marc Total Conversion Aug 84
Lane, Joel, & Chris MorganFeels Like Underground Apr 108
Langford, David Curiosities Sep 162
Le Guin, Ursula K. Darkrose and Diamond (novelet) OcN 47
Lee, Yoon Ha The Hundredth Question Feb 96
Lethem, Jonathan, James Patrick Kelly, and John KesselNinety Percent of Everything (novella) Sep 37
Lippincott, Gary Cover for "How to Make Unicorn Pie" Jan
Long, Bill Cartoons Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Jun,Jul,OcN,Dec
Loy, Robert Sing a Song of Sixpence a Bottle Full of Rye Jun 58

Maio, Kathi Films Jan,Mar,Jun, Sep,Dec
Masear, Arthur Cartoon. Jul
McAuley, Paul J. Back Door Man (novelet) Mar 4
Meddor, Michael The Wizard Retires (novelet) Sep 4
Merril, Judith A [Real?] Writer—Homage to Ted SturgeonOcN 105
Morgan, Chris see Lane,Joel  
Morressy, John Cold Comfort Feb 142
  Floored Jul 54
Murphy, Pat, and Paul DohertyScience Feb,Jul,Aug,Dec

Nethercott, MichaelThe Beastly Red Lurker Aug 67

Oltion, JerryBiosphere Jun 40

Porges, ArthurMovie Show Feb 56

Reed, Kit Unlimited Feb 42
Reed, Robert Game of the Century (novelet) May 4
  Will Be (novelet) Jan 137
  Winemaster (novelet) Jul 104
Rickert, M. The Girl Who Ate Butterflies Aug 71
Rini, J.P. Cartoon Apr
Rusch, Kristine KathrynCuriosities OcN 322
  The Women of Whale Rock (novelet) Mar 132
Russo, Richard Paul Watching Lear Dream Jul 78

Sallis, James Books Dec
  Dear Floods of Her Hair May 108
Sanders, William Jennifer, Just Before Midnight Aug 107
Sarafin, James A Clarity in the Ice Jun 94
Schow, David Curiosities Feb 162
Shanahan, Danny Cartoons Jul,OcN
Shaw, Barclay Cover for "Back Door Man" Mar
Sheckley, Robert Deep Blue Sleep Jun 4
  Kenny OcN 224
Shepard, Lucius Crocodile Rock (novella) OcN 278
Sherman, Delia The Parwat Ruby Jun 76
Shiner, Lewis Lizard Men of Los Angeles (novelet) Jul 4
Shockley, Gary Dr. Borg May 58
Silverberg, Robert A Hero of the Empire (novelet) OcN 148
Smith, Terry Cover for "Game of the Century" May
Sturgeon, Theodore New York Vignette OcN 143
Sussex, Lucy The Queen of Erewhon (novelet) Sep 138

Tem, Steve Rasnic Halloween Street Jul 71
  Tricks & Treats Dec 53
Thomas, Michael Sometimes a Helix Is a Circle (novelet) Apr 66
  The Time ThiefÊ(novelet) Dec 72
Tritten, Larry History's Mysteries May 80
Turzillo, Mary By Ben Cruachan Sep 113
Tuttle, Lisa Tir Nan Og Jan 107

Van Gelder, GordonEditorial OcN,Dec
  Editor's Recommendations Apr
Vukcevich, Ray Rejoice Jan 100

Waldrop, Howard The Dynasters OcN 214
Walotsky, Ron Cover for "The Hestwood" Apr
Watson, Ian Caucus Winter Jan 54
Wentworth, K.D. The Embians May 63
Wessells, Henry Curiosities Dec 162
West, Michelle Books Apr,Aug
Wightman, Wayne Attack of the Ignoroids (novelet) Aug 126
Wilber, Rick Imagine Jimmy Apr 43
Wilhelm, Kate The Happiest Day of Her Life (novelet) OcN 232
Wilson, Gahan Cartoon OcN 223
Wilson, Robin The Grift of the Magellanae Mar 107
Winter, Douglas E.Books Feb,Jul,
Winter, Laurel Sky Eyes (novelet) Mar 54
Wolfe, Gene A Fish Story OcN 254
Woodworth, StephenHer Feb 67
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