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Biographical Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Film
Each entry begins with the subject's name, given name and years of birth/death, and a brief identification. Entries include a complete filmography of works that are relevant to the topic of science fiction film. As time permits, entries on living subjects are regularly updated
Introduction | All Entries
Unknown Menaces to Civilization
I've placed these rants in their own section because, along with the film encyclopedia, they are the only features of this site that regularly inspire reader responses (usually negative, but hey, I'm used to that). Come learn about some seemingly innocuous aspects of contemporary life that are really appalling problems!
Soccer | Marching Bands | The Nutcracker Suite | Girl Scout Cookies
Meetings | Apple Pie | Parades | Job Interviews
William Gibson
This book, now available from the University of Illinois Press, offers the first comprehensive study of this seminal author. Here are some information about the book and the extended version of the book's comprehensive Gibson bibliography.
Information | Gibson Bibliography
A Sense-of-Wonderful Century
This book, now available from Borgo Press/Wildside Press, gathers together almost all of my writings on science fiction film (excepting my film encyclopedia). Here are some information about the book and the original versions of four items posted to this website that have been significantly revised and expanded for their appearance in this volume
Information | Space Films Before 1950
What Is an Animated Movie? | 2001: A Space Odyssey | St. Elsewhere
The Spacesuit Film: A History, 1918-1969
This 2012 book is a study of over 100 films and television programs featuring spacesuits. Here are some information about the book, including its Table of Contents and a link to a review, and two passages from the book: a survey of space films before 1950 that was removed and replaced with a shorter discussion, and a discussion of the television series Men into Space, also published as an article.
Information | Space Films Before 1950 | Men into Space
Space Station Books
Both of my books about space stations, the second edition of Islands in the Sky and the accompanying bibliography The Other Side of the Sky, are available from Borgo Press/Wildside Press. Here are some information about the books, an unpublished article about my space station research, and sample entries from the three main sections of The Other Side of the Sky-on one novel, one story, and one television episode
Information | The Endless Frontier
The Long Ellipse  | The Struggle in Space | Building a Space Station
Eaton Volumes
Though no longer involved in Eaton Collection activities, I long served as one coordinator of the Eaton Conferences and co-edited several Eaton and Eaton-related volumes, most recently books of essays from the 1999 Eaton Conference and the Hong Kong 2003 Conference. Here are information about those books and some other Eaton-related materials.
1999 Eaton Volume | Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future
Eaton Conference History | Technocracy and Plutocracy
Inside the Eaton Collection | Eaton Links
Science Fiction Quotations
This is probably my best-known work, a Hugo Award-nominated compilation of 2928 quotations from science fiction and fantasy. Here are some information about the book and, with permission from Yale University Press, one sample chapter containing 28 quotations about "The Future," along with a list of unverified quotations I could not include and downloadable files of a radio interview about the book.
Information | Quoted Authors | Popular Topics
The Future | Unverified Quotations | Radio Interview
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy
This is my biggest project, a three-volume encyclopedia of science fiction and fantasy themes and classic works. Here are some information about the book and, with permission from Greenwood Press, one of the thematic entries I contributed to the book, on "Heroes."
Information | Heroes
Other Books
To provide a complete picture of my career, here are pages of information about five other books that I have published
Cosmic Engineers | The Mechanics of Wonder
Science Fiction, Children's Literature, and Popular Culture
Hugo Gernsback | Frank McConnell Book
Here are two examples of my articles for scholarly journals, "Superladies in Waiting" and "Who Governs Science Fiction?," along with three unpublished pieces: "Arguing with Idiots," the first scholarly essay on science fiction that I ever wrote, way back in 1987, and some musings on H. G. Wells and artist Chris Foss.
Superladies in Waiting | Who Governs Science Fiction?
Arguing with Idiots | H.G. Wells | Chris Foss
Interzone Columns
From 1998 to 2003, I wrote a bimonthly column for the British science fiction magazine Interzone. Here are two favorites, "The Sky Is Appalling" and "A Modem Utopia"-which happen to include the names of my children in their subtitles-and a third column. "Big Dumb Opticals," written as a sort of companion piece to my Biographical Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Film.
The Sky Is Appalling | A Modem Utopia | Big Dumb Opticals
The Internet Review of Science Fiction Columns
Before its unfortunate demise, I published eight essays in The Internet Review of Science Fiction, including a four-part series on "What Science Fiction Leaves Out of the Future," and since the website will someday be unavailable, I have posted all of them here.
What Science Fiction Leaves Out of the Future, Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
How to Make Big Money  | Earth Abides | J.G. Ballard | Men into Space
I have reviewed dozens of books and films, in print and online. To represent this work, here are a published review of the anthology Full Spectrum 4, four unpublished reviews, and a parody review of a non-existent book.
Full Spectrum 4 | Hugo Gernsback | The Norton Book of Science Fiction
Nemesis | Writings of Passage
Realm of the Enchanted Unicorn
Reference Material
I cannot post entries written for reference books as "work for hire," but here are several unpublished items: ten entries rejected by the editors of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, one rejected by the editors of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and two entries written for a reference book that I withdrew from consideration upon realizing that that they did not match the editor's guidelines.
Batman | Captain Marvel | Definitions of Science Fiction | Field of Dreams
The Incredible Hulk | Interactive Fantasy | Mario Brothers | Ali Mirdrekvandi
Ronald McDonald | "SF" | Series Fiction | Superman | Wonder Woman
In print, on the radio, and in private correspondence, I have been interviewed several times about science fiction and related matters, and this new section offers several examples. online.
Radio Interview (Quotations) | Radio Interview (Gernsback) (MP3 file)
Time Travel Inverview | Homo aspergerus Interview | Robots Interview
I have interests other than science fiction and fantasy, though I rarely write about them. But here are four random items: a discussion of "illegal immigration"; a review of a self-improvement book; a memoir about my year on a basketball team; and the toast I delivered at my daughter's 2007 wedding reception.
America's Second Marshall Plan | A Review of The Little Book of Coaching
My Life as a Court Jester | My Wedding Toast
Biography and Links
No, I'm not quite ready to write my autobiography, but you can find some more information about me by consulting the Westfahl entries in Wikipedia, in the online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and in in my own film encyclopedia, along with a complete list of links to my other publications now available online.
Westfahl at Wikipedia | Westfahl in the SFE
Westfahl Entry | Westfahl Links

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