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New Eaton Volume: Update
The volume of essays from the 1999 Eaton Conference, entitled Science Fiction and the Two Cultures: Essays on Bridging the Gap between the Sciences and the Humanities and co-edited by Gary Westfahl and George Slusser, is now in print from McFarland Publishers, fittingly appearing in 2009, the fiftieth anniversary of the famed lecture by C. P. Snow that inspired this collection. Here's a link to the cover and the publisher's information about the book, and the Table of Contents is below.

Science Fiction and the Two Cultures: Essays on Bridging the Gap between the Sciences and the Humanities, edited by Gary Westfahl and George Slusser

Introduction: Science Fiction at the Crossroads of Two Cultures by Gary Westfahl
I. Overviews: Science Fiction in the Context of Two Cultures
1. Science Fiction and the Two Cultures: Reflections after the Snow-Leavis Controversy by Carl Freedman
2. Science Fiction, Mediating Agent between C. P. Snow's Two Cultures: A Historical Interpretation by Bradford Lyau
3. Fighting Out of Context: Culture Wars Within and Without Science Fiction from Snow to Sokal by Howard V. Hendrix
4. A Tale of Two Cultures: Science Studies and Science Fiction by Stephen Potts
5. The Rich and the Poor: Science Fiction and the Other Two Cultures by Gary Westfahl
6. The Science of Fiction and the Fiction of Science: A Storytelling Animal in an Inhospitable World by Frank McConnell
7. Dimorphs and Doubles: J. D. Bernal's "Two Cultures" and the Transhuman Promise by George Slusser
II. Case Studies: Science Fiction as an Expression of Two Cultures
8. Discontinuity: Spaceships at the Abyss by Carol MacKay and Kirk Hampton
9. Gregory Benford's Against Infinity, and the Literary, Historical, and Geometric Formation of the Encyclopedic Circle of Knowledge by Pekka Kuusisto
10. Utopia and Utopianism in the Life, Work, and Thought of H. G. Wells by John S. Partington
11. The Alien Eye: Imperialism and Ideology in H. G. Wells's The First Men in the Moon by Gareth Davies-Morris
12. Killer Robots, Laws of Robotics, and Pernicious Humans by George Atkins
13. Philip K. Dick's Conversion Narrative by Noah Mass
14. The Terror of Nature Not Understood: Science, Mysticism, and the Unknowable in Don DeLillo's Ratner's Star by Jake Jakaitis
15. When the Caesura Ceases: Two Romanian Authors Gauge the Place of Writers in the Age of Computers by Sharon D. King
16. A Creature of Double Vision by Gregory Benford
Afterword: Science Fiction and the Playing Fields of Eaton by Gary Westfahl
A Bibliography of Works Related to Science Fiction and the Two Cultures
A Bibliography of Other Works Cited in the TextText

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