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Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future: Essays on Foresight and Fallacy
Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future: Essays on Foresight and Fallacy
My final contribution to the Eaton tradition will be Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future: Essays on Foresight and Fallacy, co-edited by my colleagues Wong Kin Yuen and Amy Kit-sze Chan , a volume of essays from the Hong Kong 2003 Conference, which I co-coordinated and which was co-sponsored by the University of California, Riverside (though the book will also include several essays from contributors who did not attend the conference). Here are its cover and Table of Contents, and the book should be available sometime in February or March 2011.

Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future: Essays on Foresight and Fallacy edited by Gary Westfahl, Wong Kin Yuen, and Amy Kit-sze Chan
Introduction: Of Futures Imagined, and Futures Inhabited by Gary Westfahl
I. Cosmic Visions
1. Pitfalls of Prophecy: Why Science Fiction So Often Fails to Predict the Future by Gary Westfahl
2. Emotional Dimensions of Transmimetic Fiction: Emotion, Aesthetics, Ethics, and Rhetoric in Tales of Tomorrow's Science, Technology, and Technoscience by Richard McKinney
3. The Internet and the Anagogical Myths of Science Fiction by Kirk Hampton and Carol MacKay
4. Technobodies and the Anxieties of Performance by Veronica Hollinger
5. Places of Alterity in Science Fiction by Richard McKinney
II. The Practice of Prophecy
6. Future City Toyko: 1909 and 2009 by Sharalyn Orbaugh
7. Rebooting "A Logic Named Joe": Exploring the Multiple Influences of a Strangely Predictive Mid-1940s Short Story by David Ferro and Eric Swedin
8. Victims of a Globalized, Radicalized, Technologized World, Or, Why the Beatles Needed Help! by Lynne Lundquist
9. "A Journey Beyond the Stars": 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Psychedelic Revolution in 1960s Science Fiction by Rob Latham
10. The Endless Odyssey: The 2001 Saga and Its Inability to Predict Humanity's Future by Gary Westfahl
11. Intercultural and Interface: Kung Fu as Abstract Machine by Wong Kin Yuen
12. Post-Genre Cinemas and Post-Colonial Attitude: Hong Kong Meets Paris by Véronique Flambard-Weisbart
13. Writing, Weaving and Technology by Amy Kit-sze Chan
14. The Technological Contours of Contemporary Science Fiction, Or, The Science Fiction That Science Fiction Doesn't See by Brooks Landon
15. Thinking about the Smart Wireless World by Gregory Benford
A Bibliography of Works Related to Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future 
A Bibliography of Other Primary and Secondary Sources Cited in the Text  

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