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logo Four Walls Eight Windows is a publisher based in New York City. Since 1987, they have published a variety of books. A number of them have been science fiction novels and collections. While their Web site lists their full catalogue, this list considers only their SF titles. Published in trade paper and hard cover, their books are available from most bookstores.

Forthcoming books include Lost Pages, another collection by Paul Di Filippo later this year. At about the same time, they will publish Extremities by Kathe Koje. Plans for 1999 include Seek by Rudy Rucker and Barnacle Bill the Spacer by Lucius Shepard.

Four Walls Eight Windows
Paul Di Filippo Website
Warner Aspect: Octavia E. Butler
Octavia E. Butler Tribute Site
Slaughtermatic Slaughtermatic
Steve Aylett
Steve Aylett introduces us to:
Dante Cubit, bandito extraordinaire,
Kid Entropy, sidekick and Kafka-cell weapon wielder,
Download Jones, human whose personality is live on the Net,
Eddie Gamete, post-modern philosopher/prankster presumed dead,
Rosa Control, Dante's squeeze and razor-toting rager.
Dante Cubit and the Entropy Kid plan to rob a bank using Download Jones' VR schematic. But it turns out to be for the wrong building. In the middle of the hold-up, Dante throws himself 20 minutes into the past and into the bank's vault. When Dante Two comes out of the vault, Dante One kills him. Now legally dead and beyond the law, Dante wonders whether the heist has actually happened or whether it was simulated in a sim-crime environment. Welcome to the world of Beerlight.

The Resurrections
Simon Louvish
The Resurrections posits a vision of an alternative 20th century. Here, Hitler and Trotsky have survived well into the late 1960s. It examines how slight changes in events can trigger mammoth waves which affect each and every one of us. Comparisons abound what with the recent spate of science fiction novels leaning towards alternate history. Less worldly is Harry Turtledave's The Guns of the South while the most obvious comparison is Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle.

Parable of the Sower
Octavia E. Butler
Lauren Olamina is an empath, wracked by the pain of others. In a neighborhood enclave of the USA where the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots" has continued to expand, she lives a protected life. But one night, violence explodes, and the walls of her neighbourhood are breached, wiping out her family and friends. Now the outside world beckons. Her and her fellow travellers start a trek of a thousand miles. Lauren becomes a prophet carrying nothing but the promises of new life and a new faith... Earthseed. Parable of the Sower was a 1994 New York Times Recommended Book.


Bloodchild and Other Stories Bloodchild and Other Stories
Octavia E. Butler
Octavia E. Butler's writing can best be described as "eloquent, distinguished, and poignant prose." While she does write short fiction, she's best known for her novels. So trying to find some takes some work. This collection includes "Speech Sounds" which won a Hugo Award and "Bloodchild" which received both Hugo and Nebula Awards. Like her novels, these stories plunge you into the depths of the human soul to show you things both strange and fantastic. Perhaps the best story, "Bloodchild" twists the tables to show what it is to be a male valued chiefly for your reproductive capacity. Here, the child is not human and a symbiotic relationship with aliens who use males as egg incubators makes the reader wince. Each item in the collection has an afterword that offers Butler's thoughts and inspirations. It also includes two autobiographical items at the end on what could be termed "the art, the craft, and the business of writing."
It collects the following stories:
The Evening and the Morning and the Night
Near of Kin
Speech Sounds
Positive Obsession
Furor Scribendi

The Steampunk Trilogy The Steampunk Trilogy
Paul Di Filippo
Set in a alternate nineteenth century, the stories mix historical and fictional characters with glee.
"Victoria," sees young, vibrant Queen Victoria taken from her throne to be replaced by a seductive human/newt clone. Now it is imperative to find Victoria while hiding this horrid secret from her subjects.
"Hottentots," leads us adventuring to Massachusetts which is being threatened by monsters from the deep.
"Walt and Emily," are Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. Their story leads us on a voyage to a dimension beyond time where Emily encounters the future Allen Ginsberg.

Ribofunk Ribofunk
Paul Di Filippo
These stories share a common setting some 70 years in the future where gene splicing is common. Human-animal hybrids are produced in a routine fashion in order to act as servants or to do the awkward, unpleasant jobs. Any type of body modification is routine. "Tropes" or designer drugs allow whatever effect is needed from pleasure to learning. North America is run by Canada (cool!). Di Filippo blended "ribosome" (as in cellular biology) with "funk" (as in rock and roll) to get the world of Ribofunk. Wandering its byways, you'll meet the Protein Police who patrol for renegade gene splicers, you'll find part-human sea creatures living in Lake Superior handling with toxic spills (euuhh!), you'll meet a sentient river, you'll worry with a reluctant skyscraper climber who gets stuck and you'll revel at a chain-smoking Peter Rabbit who leads a bloody rebellion against Mr. McGregor.
It collects the following stories:
One Night in Television City
Little Worker
Big Eater
The Boot
The Bad Splice
Brain Wars
Afterschool Special
Up the Lazy River
Distributed Mind

Fractal Paisleys Fractal Paisleys
Paul Di Filippo
This volume includes ten SF stories of what the author terms "trailer park science fiction". Here you'll find out the real reason for the disappearance of the dinosaurs, you'll see how John Lennon found inspiration, you'll read about a fellow who needs to replace his Lovin' Spoonful album, you'll sit in on intergalactic battle of the bands and you'll learn the reasons why Republicans have ruled the USA for twelve straight years. These stories and others are tied together by the author's deep-seeded fascination with alternate worlds and ordinary people who are in charge of the forces that control the universe.
It collects the following stories:
Fractal Paisleys
The Double Felix
Earth Shoes
Mama Told Me Not to Come
Lennon Spex
Flying The Flannel
Do You Believe in Magic?
Master Blaster and Whammer Jammer Meet the Groove Thang
Queen of the Pixies, King of the Imps
The Cobain Sweater

You can order with a credit card by calling toll-free to:
You can find a catalogue and an order form at Four Walls Eight Windows. Their street address is:
Four Walls Eight Windows
39 West 14th Street / No. 503
New York, NY 10011

Copyright © 1999 by Rodger Turner

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