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Mark V. Ziesing Logo A number of years ago, the Ziesing Brothers operated a large bookstore in the college town of Willimantic, Connecticut. It stocked a wide range of titles but with a particular emphasis on SF, fantasy, horror, and the like. Mark Ziesing had built up a large local clientele along with a substantial mail order arm. They had tried their hand at some non-SF small press publishing when, one day, Mark decided to do Gene Wolfe's The Castle of the Otter. Its success led to a second book, The Wolfe Archipelago, which had double the print run of the first. These were the only two SF items done under the Ziesing Brothers imprint. Subsequent books have appeared with the Mark V. Ziesing Books logo. In 1989, Mark Ziesing and family moved from Willimantic back to his native state, California. The Book of the Dead was the final book published in Connecticut. Setting up a mail order business, as publisher and bookseller, became the principal focus.

Ziesing books can be purchased from a variety of sources. Mark supplies books to specialty book dealers around the world, his titles are available through online suppliers like and, of course, directly from him. Ziesing limited editions come only direct, many of which are sold out immediately.

Mark V. Ziesing

Mark V. Ziesing Books Website

Books can be purchased from:
Mark V. Ziesing
P. O. Box 76
Shingletown, CA 96088
They accept Visa and MasterCard.
Phone & Fax: (530) 474-1580

Mark V. Ziesing Books

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Mark V. Ziesing
Something in My Eye (1996)
Michael Whelan
This was something a little different. It is a full-color art book of Michael Whelan's horrific art. Done in both trade paper and a hardcover, slipcased editon of 750, it contains 18 posters.

Journal Wired Journal Wired, Winter 1989
edited by Andy Watson & Mark V. Ziesing
In 1989, Mark Ziesing produced a perfect-bound (aka trade paperback) magazine called Journal Wired with Andy Watson, a typesetter and book designer, and others. It was designed to be quarterly, made up of original material, contained no advertising and had no subscriptions. There were only 3 issues. The price of the first issue was $10 (incl. S&H). It collects the following items:
Welcome to Journal Wired by Andy Watson & Mark V. Ziesing
The Beast: Screening the Monster that is Hollywood by John Shirley
Interview: Abbie Hoffman by GSM
Drugs and Live Sex — New York City, 1980 [from All the Visions] by Rudy Rucker
The Profit Motive by Andy Watson
Interview: Iain M. Banks by David S. Garnett
Over the Shoulder: Pictures in the Dark by J. B. Reynolds
Atlantis Rose by A. A. Attanasio
Waiting for the Barbarians by Lucius Shepard

Journal Wired #2 Journal Wired #2, Spring 1990
edited by Andy Watson & Mark V. Ziesing
Done again as a trade paperback, still priced at $10US, it collects the following items:
Over the Shoulder: Reality Management in the Gray Zone by J. B. Reynolds
Kidding Around by Lewis Shiner
Tête-à-Tête: Lisa Tuttle vis à vis Colin Greenland, A Cross-Interview by Lisa Tuttle & Colin Greenland
The Profit Motive by Andy Watson
Noodling by Jonathan Lethem
Operation Green Merchant Exposed! by Dave Hyde
Interview with Pat Cadigan by Andy Watson
Through the Wire by Michael A. Banks
Cockfight by Paul Di Filippo
Remedial Reading for the Generation of Swine by Lucius Shepard

Forthcoming Titles
Books slated for future release include:
A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore edited by Mark V. Ziesing which features weird and dark stories about books and book collectors. Contributors include Thomas Ligotti, Brian Stableford, A.A. Attanasio, Patrick O'Leary, and several others.
A Handbook of American Prayer by Lucius Shepard is planned once the author finally turns in his manuscript.

Mark V. Ziesing

Journal Wired #3 Journal Wired #3, Summer/Fall 1990
edited by Andy Watson & Mark V. Ziesing
Done again as a trade paperback, this time priced at $15US, it collects the following items:
Bride of Opening Gambit by Mark V. Ziesing
Letter to the Editor by Wanda
Stark Raving: George Bush and the Pineapple of Doom by Lucius Shepard
The Guide by Robert Frazier
Interview with Patrick McGrath by Kevin B. Parent
Spider by Patrick McGrath
Spandex by Paul Di Filippo
The Carve-Up by Colin Greenland
Rock and Roll: The 100 Best Singles—Seven Excerpts by Paul Williams
Better Homes & Women Reader of the Year by Mrs. Harris Megma
Chemical Age by David Blount
Interview with William S. Burroughs by Gregory Daurer
Using It and Losing It by Jonathan Lethem
Through the Wire by Michael A. Banks
The Subject Was Tupperware by Melinda Brindley
Interview with Stuart Hamm by Joe Silver
Over the Shoulder: Well Don't Just Sit There! by J. B. Reynolds
My Neighbor Bob by Jonathan Lethem
Sun Ra: A Profile and Interview by Linda Gruno
In by Damian Kilby
Interview with Thinking Plague by Andy Watson
The Launch Pad On My Kitchen Table by Allen M. Steele
Drinking Buddies by Wayne Allen Sallee
Deposition to the Inquisition by Dave Hyde
Interview with William Gibson by Gregory Daurer
Moloch by Paul Di Filippo

House Monkey 1 House Monkey 1, Fall 1991
edited by Robert Frazier
This slim 36 page item, done in 8.5x11 format, appeared only once (thus far). It collects the following items:
Stupidity & Music by Lucius Shepard
Wetbones Chronicle by John Shirley
Clackamas Phil by Denise Dumars
Open Letter by Ray Garton
The Holy Terror [excerpt] by Wayne Allen Sallee
Interview with Wayne Allen Sallee by Kathe Koja
Coming Attractions
Ziesing Books in Print

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