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In the spring of 2004, PS Publishing launched a new magazine called Postscripts. Originally, the magazine was to be digest-sized featuring about 60,000 words of fiction, a guest editorial, book reviews, and the occasional non-fiction article in each issue. Fiction includes SF, fantasy, horror, and crime/suspense. The book is produced in two formats: numbered, limited edition in hard cover signed by all contributors and a perfect bound paper cover version.

With the publication of #18 (Spring 2009), Postscripts magazine has morphed into a quarterly anthology with the paper cover version transforming into a hard cover title.

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Postscripts Magazine: Issue 1
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 1 (Spring 2004); Editor: Peter Crowther
Cover Artist: Edward Miller
1Adam Roberts Roads Were Burning
1Ray Bradbury The Visitation
1Ed Gorman Riff
1Jay Lake The Rose Egg
1John Berlyne Interview with James P. Blaylock
1Gene Wolfe Prize Crew
1Allen Ashley The Overwhelm
1Eric Brown A Choice of Eternities
1Joyce Carol Oates Stripping
1Brian W. Aldiss Tarzan of the Alps
1Lawrence Gordon Clark Original Sin
1James Lovegrove Seventeen Syllables
1Mike Ashley How Big's Yours? (non-fiction)
1Ramsey Campbell Direct Line
1Stephen Gallagher Restraint
1Peter Hamilton Footvote

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 2
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 2 (Summer 2004); Editor: Peter Crowther
Cover Artist: Edward Miller
2Jack Dann Bugs
2Rhys Hughes The Old House In The Snow Where Nobody Goes Except You And Me Tonight
2Jeff VanderMeer Shark God Versus Octopus God
2Iain Rowan Lilies
2Lawrence Gordon Clark The Return
2Michael Marshall Smith Getting Over
2Mike Resnick and Robert Sheckley Game Face
2Brian Stableford A Chip Off The Old Block
2Brian Hopkins Peninsula Valdes
2Robert B. Parker Spenser's A Fan, Too
2Zoran Živkovic Compartments
2Robert Silverberg Worlds Apart
2Jayme Lynn Blaschke Interview with Kage Baker

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 3
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 3 (Spring 2005); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Edward Miller
3Chaz Brenchley Dragon Kings Play Songs of Love
3Gene Wolfe Comber
3Jayme Lynn Blaschke Interview with Lois McMaster Bujold
3Stephen Volk Curious Green Colours Sleep Furiously
3David Herter black and green and gold
3Jack Dann Dreaming With the Angels
3Richard Bowes Circle Dance
3Paul Di Filippo & Barry Malzberg Beyond Mao
3Adam Roberts And Future King
3Garry Kilworth Murders in the White Garden

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 4
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 4 (Summer 2005); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Edward Miller
4Alastair Reynolds Zima Blue
4Eric Brown Life Beyond...
4Graham Andrews Interview with Richard S. Prather
4Lawrence Person Master Lao and the Flying Horror
4Jack Dann Dharma Bums
4Zoran Živkovic The Cell

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 5
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 5 (Autumn 2005); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: J.K. Potter
5Ramsey Campbell Introduction
5Joe Hill Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead
5Stephen Baxter A Signal From Earth
5Zoran Živkovic The Hospital Room
5Chris Roberson Gold Mountain
5Juliet McKenna Win Some, Lose Some
5Iain Emsley Interview with China Miéville
5Matthew Rossi Palenque
5Lawrence Person Starving Africans

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 6
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 6 (Spring 2006); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Debbie Hughes
6Steven Erikson Introduction
6Juliet McKenna A Spark in the Darkness
6Matthew Hughes The Farouche Assemblage
6Iain Emsley Interview with Elizabeth Hand
6Rhys Hughes The Mermaid of Curitiba
6Mike Ashley Houdini (non-fiction)
6Zoran Živkovic The Hotel Room
6Stephen Baxter The Long Road
6Garry Kilworth 12 Men Born of Woman
6Conrad Williams The Veteran

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 7
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 7 (Summer 2006); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Radoslaw Walachnia
7Lucius Shepard Guest Editorial
7Stephen Volk A Paper Tissue
7Jack Dann The Method
7Darrell Schweitzer Interview with Howard Waldrop
7Rhys Hughes False Dawn of Parrotts
7Tony Ballantine The Exchange
7Vaughan Stanger Touching Distance
7T.M.Wright Tomato As Metaphor
7Ian Creasy The Fisherman of Northolt
7Zoran Živkovic The Elevator
7Jay Lake Journal of an Inmate

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 8
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 8 (Fall 2006); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Art: The Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania by Sir Joseph Noel Paton
8Terry Bisson Guest Editorial
8Michael Swanwick The Bordello in Faerie
8Robert Edric The Empty Pool
8K. W. Jeter Ninja Two-Fifty
8Gene Wolfe The On-Deck Circle
8Matthew Hughes Nature Tale
8Brian Hopkins Red Nails
8Darrell Schweitzer Fighting the Zeppelin Gang
8Tony Richards Alsiso
8Scott Carter Happy Time
8Robert Jeschonek Fear of Rain

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 9
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 9 (Winter 2006/07); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Les Edwards
9Jeff Vandermeer Guest Editorial
9Vaughan Stanger The Peace Criminal
9Darren Speegle Cobalt Blue
9Jack Dann King of the Mountain
9Lavie Tidhar High Noon in Clown Town
9Mikal Trimm A Paean to Stranded Sailors and Ships Becalmed at Sea
9David Barnett The End of the World Show
9John Grant The Unforbidden Playground

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 10
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 10 (Spring 2007); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: John Picacio
10Stephen Jones Guest Editorial
10Michael Marshall Smith The Handover
10Michael Marshall Smith Night Falls, Again
10Michael Marshall Smith One Two Three
10Michael Marshall Smith And a Place for Everything
10Michael Marshall Smith Old Flame
10Michael Marshall Smith A London Story (non-fiction)
10Michael Marshall Smith REMtemps™
10Michael Marshall Smith The Intruders (novel excerpt)
10Lucius Shepard Dinner at Baldassaros
10Nancy Kilpatrick Age of Sorrows
10James Cooper In Fetu
10Rick Hautala Hearing Aid
10T.M. Wright Rainy Day People
10Thomas Tessier If You See Me, Say Hello
10Chris Fowler The Luxury of Harm
10Allen Ashley D-Leb
10Lisa Tuttle Closet Dreams
10Chaz Brenchley Summers Lease
10P.D. Cacek Call Waiting
10Steven Erikson This Rich Evil Sound
10Paul Jessup Mud Skin
10Connie Willis Distress Call
10Peter Atkins Between the Cold Moon and the Earth
10Graham Joyce The Last Testament of Seamus Todd
10Stephen Gallagher Eels
10Joe Hill Thumbprint
10Stephen King Graduation Afternoon
10Stephen Volk Who Dies Best
10Ramsey Campbell Peep
10Tim Lebbon Discovering Ghosts
10Mark Morris Nothing Prepares You

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 11
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 11 (Summer 2007); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Tomislav Tikulin
11Paul Di Filippo Guest Editorial
11Matthew Rossi Loki
11Kealan Patrick Burke Cobwebs
11Mikal Trimm Waiting for Dawn
11Dave Hoing Servant of the Stone
11Forrest Aguirre The Saint of the Bells
11Steve Aylett Bossanova
11Richard Paul Russo The King's Physician
11Eric Schaller Talking at 60 Watts
11David Barnett State of Grace
11Christopher Harman Behind the Clouds: In Front of the Sun

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 12
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 12 (Autumn 2007); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Ben Baldwin
12Lisa Tuttle Guest Editorial
12Scott Edelman Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man
12Robert Jeschonek The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe
12Paul Jessup Ghost Technology From the Sun
12Rosanne Rabinowitz 96 Tears
12Iain Rowan Sighted
12Will McIntosh Three Unlikely Futures
12Robert Weston Hummingbirds and Pie
12Patrick O'Leary The Cane
12Brian Aldiss Life, Learning, Lepizig and a Librarian
12Darren Speegle Elephant Speak
12B.B. Roo Rap-Tap-Tap

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 13
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 13 (Winter 2007/08); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Les Edwards
13Graham Joyce Guest Editorial
13Hal Duncan Island of the Pirate Gods
13F. Brett Cox Mary of the New Dispensation
13Quentin S. Crisp A Cup of Tea
13Marly Youmans Drunk Bay
13Christopher Fowler The Twilight Express
13Richard Parks Directional Drift
13Joshua F. Peterson Natural Selection
13Paul Di Filippo The End of the Great Continuity
13Robert T. Jeschonek Snake-Skin

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 14
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 14 (Spring 2008); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: James Hannah
14Eric Schaller Guest Editorial
14Rhys Hughes Flecks From the Isle of Chrome
14Paul Jessup The Ghosts We Have Become
14Guy Immega A Little Knowledge
14Sarah Monette The City Without Sleep
14Barry Wood Nowhere to Go
14Robert Reed Blackbird
14William Alexander Something Borrowed, Something Red
14Jetse de Vries City Beneath the Surface
14Jeff VanderMeer Island Tales
14Robert Weston Salve

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 15
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 15 (Summer 2008); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Al Feldstein
15Arthur C. Clarke Guest Editorial
15Brian Aldiss Fandom At The Palace
15Scott Edelman A Very Private Tour Of A Very Public Museum
15Keith Brooke The Man Who Built Heaven
15Garry Kilworth Atlantic Crossing
15Chris Roberson Thy Saffron Wings
15Steven Utley Variant
15Alex Irvine Shads Mess
15Jack Dann Under The Shadow Of Jonah
15Matthew Hughes The Eye Of Vann
15Ray Bradbury Juggernaut
15Brian Stableford The Best Of Both Worlds
15Eric Brown State Secret
15James Lovegrove Test Subject
15Terry Bisson Let Their People Go: The Left Left Behind
15Kelly Barnhill The Men Who Live In Trees
15Stephen Baxter Eagle Song
15Beth Bernobich The Golden Octopus
15Paul Di Filippo Professor Fluviuss Palace Of Many Waters
15Robert Reed Six Foot Easy
15Jay Lake Skinhorse Goes To Mars
15Ian Mcdonald [A Ghost Samba]
15Mike Resnick An Article Of Faith
15Justina Robson Legolas Does The Dishes
15Michael Moorcock Sumptuous Dress: A Question Of Size At The End Of Time
15Paul McAuley How Was The Future For You? (essay)
15Paul McAuley excerpt from The Quiet War
15Paul McAuley A Brief Guide To Other Histories
15Paul McAuley Searching For Van Gogh At The End Of The World
15Paul McAuley The Thought War
15Paul McAuley City Of The Dead

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 16
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 16 (November 2008); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Steven C. Gilberts
16Peter Atkins Guest Editorial
16John Grant Will the Real Veronica LeBarr Please Stand Down?
16William Alexander Clockwork Iris
16Paul Jessup The Sea of Dead Around Her
16Tim Lees Gumps
16Brendan Duffy The Green Man
16T.M. Wright The Blue-Faced Man
16Bruce Golden One of Nine
16Ray Russell Beechlands
16Lisa Tuttle The Oval Portrait

Postscripts Magazine: Issue 17
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 17 (Winter 2008/09); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Edward Miller
17James Lovegrove Editorial
17Justin Cartaginese The Plot
17Rhys Hughes The Gala of Implausible Songs
17Ian Hunter Where I Went on My Holidays
17Tara Kolden Enquete Incisive
17Ian MacLeod The Camping Wainwrights
17Adam Roberts A Prison Term of a Thousand Years
17Al Robertson Sohoitis
17Doug Smith Doorways
17Vaughan Stanger Stars in Her Eyes
17Jeff VanderMeer Why the Vulture is Bald
17Marly Youmans Rain Flower Pebbles

Postscripts Quarterly Anthology 18 (Spring 2009); Editors: Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers
Cover Artist: Jason Van Hollander
18Nick Gevers Editorial
18Chris Bell Shem-El-Nessim
18R.B. Russell Literary Remains
18James Cooper The Family Face
18Neil Grimmett A Hard Water
18Clive Johnson Pieland's Dream
18Deborah Kalin The Wages of Salt
18Livia Llewellyn Horses
18Monica J. O'Rourke Cell
18Norman Prentiss In the Porches of My Ears
18Rio Youers This is the Summer of Love
Volume: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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