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© Tom Robe Tanya Huff
Tanya Huff worked at Bakka, Canada's oldest SF and fantasy book store, for many years. During this time she wrote and submitted to DAW a number of novels. She decided it was time to write full time and left the big city. She moved further east up the St. Lawrence and found the perfect place which she shares with fellow DAW author Fiona Patton.

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Smoke and Shadows (2004)
DAW Books

Smoke and Shadows Henry Fitzroy is a 450-year-old vampire is still in contact with Tony Foster, a lad he rescued from the streets we traveled in the novels of Blood Series. Tony now works as a production assistant on the syndicated show, Darkest Night. He has just discovered the dead body of the guest star. Tony's worried that it may have something to do with the strange shadows he has noticed in the studio. When a shadow takes over the body of one of the show's stars, he turns to special-effects wizard Arra Pelindrake who knows what the shadows are but is reluctant to help. Tony, with Henry's help, persuades Arra to co-operate but he is unable to convince her to stand up to the shadows. But Tony and Henry are already being drawn into the struggle. The shadows are intent on crossing over into our world.

Smoke and Mirrors (2005)
DAW Books

Smoke and Mirrors Tony Foster is having trouble with his emerging powers. Despite his battles with evil spirits in saving the people who work on Darkest Night (a popular vampire detective TV series), the cast and crew continue to think of him as a lowly production assistant. Now, Tony is smack dab in the centre of an real haunted house being used to film a TV version of a haunted house. After finding himself trapped in the house, he must contend with ghosts continually reenacting their deaths, the cynicism and egos of his colleagues and the spoiled brats who are also his boss's daughters.

Valor's Choice (2000)
DAW Books

Valor's Choice In the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation -- at a price. They must act as soldier/protectors of the far more civilized races who have long since turned away from war. Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was one. When she and her platoon are recalled from their well-deserved leave to play the role of an honour guard during a diplomatic mission to the non-Confederation world of the Silsviss, she figures she can keep them out of trouble, break-in a new officer and generally recover. And it all goes well, as they move from city to city until their ship is downed in a backwater swamp and the inhabitants are decidedly unfriendly.

The Better Part of Valor (2002)
DAW Books

The Better Part of Valor After punching out one of her superiors who deserved more, Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr is put in charge of a new band of Marines. Their task is to explore a derelect alien spacecraft. Is is a trap set by the Others, the race intent on conquering the Confederation? Is this going to be a first contact? Their goal is to find answers and to survive. For politics has reared its ugly head and their new Captain is either a murderer or a coward, depending upon who is asked. Fraught with danger, stuggling with the personalities of a new crew and coping with alternating goals, Torin is in for quite an adventure.

Blood Price (1991), Vol. 1 of Blood Series
DAW Books

Blood Price Vicki (aka Victory) Nelson left the police force to become a private investigator because of her deteriorating eyesight. When she comes across a particularly repulsive murder, the old instinct kicks in. The corpse has been drained of most of its blood. After more deaths in a similar manner, the newspapers are screaming about a vampire in Toronto. Little does anyone know that Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry the Eighth, vampire extraordinaire is irked that someone is doing this in his city. Henry, now a romance novelist (who'd know more than a 450-year old vampire?), is disturbed and worried about the threat of exposure. So he joins forces with Vicki Nelson and Mike Celluci, a Toronto cop, to track down this killer.

Blood Trail (1992), Vol. 2 of Blood Series
DAW Books

Blood Trail Henry Fitzroy, vampire and romance novelist, is been contacted by the Heerkins, a family of peaceful werewolves. Someone has been murdering them around their London, Ontario farmhouse -- shooting family members with silver bullets. Since he can't hunt down the killer alone, he hires Vicki Nelson to assist him with the daylight part of the investigation. But he's yet to tell her the Heerkin family secret. Vicki wonders what is going on when the usual course of an investigation gets stymied time and again.

Blood Lines (1992), Vol. 3 of Blood Series
DAW Books

Blood Lines Henry Fitzroy, vampire and bastard son of Henry VIII, is starting to dream about the sun. He has heard the legends of vampires, weary of their existence, who destroy themselves by walking into the sun. Henry doesn't think that he's ready to do that yet. Meanwhile, there is something older than Henry himself stalking the good citizens of Toronto; a 3000-year old Egyptian. Tawfik, the last priest of a forgotten Egyptian god, wants to resurrect the worship of his dark god, and make Toronto the center of a glorious new empire. He's got the means and the magic. Vicki and Mike Celluci, the Toronto cop, take on the case and become convinced that the killer is a mummy, rasied from the dead.

Blood Pact (1993), Vol. 4 of Blood Series
DAW Books

Blood Pact It began with a phone call that nobody wants to get, Vicki Nelson learns that her mother is dead. But it worsens when Mom's body disappears from the Kingston, Ontario funeral home. Shortly thereafter, Vicki sees her dead mother peering through her window one night. She knows something is definitely wrong. Why has this happened? And who is the mad doctor to inflict this on someone? Vicki becomes anxious to discover the reason and how to right this terrible wrong. Henry Fitzroy, vampire and Vicki's sometime lover, and Mike Celluci, the Toronto cop, show up to lend their talents to track down the culprit and see that her mother's properly buried.

Blood Debt (1997), Vol. 5 of Blood Series
DAW Books

Blood Debt Vampires are extremely territorial. Ask anyone who knows -- they can't stand to be near one another, even in the same city. But Vicki Nelson isn't just any vampire. When Henry Fitzroy, vampire and romance novelist, starts waking up and seeing ghosts he knows he's in deep do-do. People are dying and he's got a role in it. So calling Vicki for help is difficult and awkward. When she comes all the way from Toronto to Henry's new home in Vancouver, things nearly get out of hand between the two of them. And there's still the ghost to deal with along with some humans who are even more monstrous than any of the supernatural menaces Vicki and Henry have run into before. After four-year lull, Vicki and Henry Fitzroy are back circling each other.

Sing the Four Quarters (1994), Vol. 1 of the Quarters Series
DAW Books

Sing the Four Quarters Annice, sister to King Theron of Shkoder, is a Bard: she can Sing the spirits or kigh of earth, air, fire and water, and can get them to help her out in various ways. Because she would not follow the king's plans for a politically arranged marriage, he has disinherited her, and forbidden her to bear a child. Now she's in trouble: not just pregnant, but pregnant by Pjerin, a man who has been condemned to death for treason. Annice and Pjerin don't even like each other, but are forced unwilling on the quest to clear his name and save the kindom from peril.

Fifth Quarter (1995), Vol. 2 of the Quarters Series
DAW Books

Fifth Quarter Vree and Bannon are sister and brother, assassins in the Empire's army. On one mission, their target traps them, stealing Bannon's body. Vree saves Bannon from death by catching his expelled kigh in her own body. Now their quest is to find Gyhard and get Bannon's body back. But it's not as easy as that. Gyhard wants to steal Prince Otavas' body (and his throne). Vree and Bannon's oath to the Emperor means they have to stop him. But Kars, an old, mad lover of Gyhard's, who robs graves to reanimate the recently-dead, has already stolen Otavas, mistaking him for a younger Gyhard.

No Quarter (1996), Vol. 3 of the Quarters Series
DAW Books

No Quarter Bannon has his body back and Gyhard is looking for one of his own. Vree travels to Shkoder to get help for Gyhard from the bards; Bannon travels to Shkoder to get Vree back and have his revenge on Gyhard; Karlene travels to Shkoder to escape the wrath of the Emperor (she had lied about Gyhard being dead); Kars travels to Shkoder for no very apparent reason, causing his usual havoc as he reanimates the dead (he has stopped robbing graves for his bodies -- he's now killing people in order to reanimate them). Everyone joins forces to defeat Kars.

The Quartered Sea (1999), Vol. 4 of the Quarters Series
DAW Books

The Quartered Sea Benedikt is perhaps the best bard Singer when it comes to water but he doesn't have the ability to Sing any of the other Quarters. Isolated from his colleagues, he decides to join a dangerous sea mission to discover the homeland of the Dark Sailor, known only in legend. Disaster strikes leaving Benedikt no way to contact home and washed upon on the shores of a far-off land. His fate? He becomes a pawn in the terrible politics of his new homeland with nowhere to turn.

Scholar of Decay (1995)
TSR Ravenloft Books

Scholar of Decay When Aurek Nuiken travels to Richemulot to search for a spell book that will save his endangered wife, little does he know that a beautiful woman, a family of were-rats, and his own brother will cruelly conspire to turn the tables against him. As hideous monsters of Ravenloft close in, he is drawn to the brink of madness in a world that preys on the innocent. Pretty vague, eh?

Wizard of the Grove (1999)
DAW Books

Wizard of the Grove This is a omnibus collection of two of her earlier fantasy novels, Child of the Grove, first released in 1990, and The Last Wizard (1995). They are also known as The Novels of Crystal.

Child of the Grove (1988), Vol. 1 of The Novels of Crystal
DAW Books

Child of the Grove The Elder Races have left the world or so the Ardhan people believe. But one wizard survives, a seriously bad guy who wants to lay claim to the world. No mere mortal can stand against him. The Elder Gods know it too. They gift the people with Crystal, the Child of the Grove, a daughter of Power. This may be the last-born wizard who will ever walk the world. And she may be their only hope...

The Last Wizard (1989), Vol. 2 of The Novels of Crystal
DAW Books

Crystal was given to the world of Ardhan by the Elder Races to save it from an evil wizard. But after destroying her enemy, Crystal's purpose and reason for existing had ended -- until she saved a single human life and found a new cause for her growing powers.

Of Darkness, Light, and Fire (2001)
DAW Books

Of Darkness, Light, and Fire This is a omnibus collection of two of her earlier fantasy novels, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light, first released in 1989, and The Fire's Stone (1990).

Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light (1989)
DAW Books

Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light An Adept of Darkness breaks through into the everyday world of Toronto. Who is there to stand against him in this day and age when it seems only fools and dreamers believe in magic? (Just ask the Lovin' Spoonful.) Chance or maybe luck finds a handful there to represent us. Mrs. Ruth, a bag lady whose bag holds secrets she shares with very few and Roland, a street musician wh may someday become a Bard and Rebecca, a simple but Sight-Gifted believer can stand up for the rest of us. Toss in Tom, the cat and Daru who has much better things to do -- saving her social work charges come together and summon the help of Evan. He is an Adept of the Light. All will battle to save us...

The Fire's Stone (1990)
DAW Books

The Fire's Stone Three strangers meet. Their fates twirl together. Aaron is a Clan Heir but exiled as a thief when he stood up to his father's cruelty. Darvish, a prince but a 3rd son with no hope of ascending the throne, is a charming drunken rake who escapes a political marriage. Chandra is a princess by birth and a Wizard by choice. Their goal -- recover The Stone, a stolen magical talisman, which could end prevent a volcano from ending the Kingdom of Ischia.

Summon the Keeper (1998), The Keeper's Chronicles, No. 1
DAW Books

Summon the Keeper Magic taps an energy force outside the real world leaving a hole in the barrier separating the physical from the magical plane. Holes are monitored by Cousins, offsprings of Adam and Lilith to insure no evil can escape. When a hole is big enough for a magical creature, a keeper works to seal it up. Claire Hansen is just such a keeper. She is summoned to the Elysian Fields guest-house where she is tricked into becoming the carekeeper. Her first job is to seal a hole without awakening the evil upstairs in a guest room. While pondering her project, Claire must deal with her loquacious cat, who runs her life, catch the imps causing minor mischief, resist the wiles of an amorous ghost, and protect the odd assortment of guests that visit in the house.

The Second Summoning (2001), The Keeper's Chronicles, No. 2
DAW Books

The Second Summoning Claire Hansen is continuing her monitoring of the balance between Light and Darkness. Along with her, there's Diana, her younger and more powerful sister and Dean, who was almost a sacrifice in the previous book, and Austin, her talking cat, all trying to keep up the alignment. After a short time apart, Claire and Dean show their enthusiasm for one another. This affection coincides with Diana's construction of a huge happiness snowflake as a Christmas decoration for her high school party. The result unleashes a giant bubble that envelopes Lena, one of Claire's friends, who just happens to be trying to manifest an angel. Now Lena has materialized an punk angel of hunky proportions. Its offset is a voluptuous demon that soon puts Toronto in shambles and the world careening toward Armageddon. Claire and Diana now have to step in to save the world.

Long Hot Summoning (2003), The Keeper's Chronicles, No. 3
DAW Books

Long Hot Summoning Diana and Claire are off on an adventure. A gate between our world and Hell has opened and it is getting bigger. If this isn't enough, evil characters are flocking through the break. Our heroes' job is to save our world. Their target isn't a cave on a remote mountain, it is a shopping mall. During this adventure, they'll run into an absent-minded professor, an elevator that opens onto the beach, a mummy, teenage mall elves, a reincarnation of King Arthur in anime and an exuberant grad student.


Stealing Magic (2005)

Stealing Magic It collects the adventures of Magdelene and Terazin told in the following stories:
The Last Lesson
Be It Ever So Humble
Mirror, Mirror, On The Lam
Third Time Lucky
And Who Is Joah?
Nothing Up Her Sleeve
We Two May Meet
Swan's Braid
In Mysterious Ways
The Lions of al'Kalamir
Sometimes, Just Because

What Ho, Magic! (1999)
Meisha Merlin Publishing

What Ho, Magic! Introduced by Michelle Sagara West, it collects the following stories:
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Word of Honor
Shing Li-ung
First Love, Last Love
The Harder They Fall
February Thaw
The Chase is On
A Debt Unpaid
Symbols are a Percussion Instrument
A Midsummer Night's Dream Team
This Town Ain't Big Enough
What Manner of Man
The Cards Also Say
The Vengeful Spirit of Lake Nepeakea

Relative Magic (2003)
Meisha Merlin Publishing

Relative Magic It collects the following stories:
Burning Bright
When the Student is Ready
Nanite, Star Bright
All Things Being Relative
Now Entering the Ring
Death Rites
Someone to Share the Night
Oh Glorious Sight
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Another Fine Nest
To Each His Own Kind
Nights of the Round Table
Swan's Braid
In Mysterious Ways
The Lions of Al'kalamir
Sometimes, Just Because

Short Fiction

What Little Girls Are Made Of
1986 Magic in Ithkar #3 edited by Andre Norton & Robert Adams

The Demon's Den
1997 Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar edited by Mercedes Lackey

Copyright © 1999 by Rodger Turner

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