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Over twenty years ago, TSR began selling its products. Today, it is the world leader in role-playing game market. While there are many different items available from TSR, this list is restricted to their books up to the end of 1998. It is broken up into many of the Campaign Worlds plus the Dragonlance Saga.
TSR Logo Dark Sun Forgotten Realms Dragonlance Ravenloft
Tales of Ravenloft Anthology
I, Strahd, P. N. Elrod
Shadowborn, William W. Conners and Carrie A. Bebris
I, Strahd, The War Against Azalin, P. N. Elrod
#1 Vampire of the Mists, Christie Golden
#2 Knight of the Black Rose, James Lowder
#3 Dance of the Dead, Christie Golden
#4 Heart of Midnight, J. Robert King
#5 Tapestry of Dark Souls, Elaine Bergstrom
#6 Carnival of Fear, J. Robert King
#7 Enemy Within, Chrisie Golden
#8 Mordenheim, Chet Williamson
#9 Tower of Doom, Mark Anthony
#10 Baroness of Blood, Elaine Bergstrom
#11 Death of a Darklord, Laurell K. Hamilton
#12 Scholar of Decay, Tanya Huff
#13 King of the Dead, Gene Deweese
#14 To Sleep With Evil, Andria Cardarelle
#15 Spectre of the Black Rose by James Lowder and Veronica Whitney-Robinson

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