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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror In 1988, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling collected together what they thought was the best short fantasy and horror from the previous year. They went through as many of the magazines, collections and anthologies published in 1987 that they could find and chose those stories which they decided best represented the fantasy and horror field. Originally conceived by him, Jim Frenkel arranged for its publication by St. Martins's Press and it has been produced every year since then. In 2003, Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant took over from Terri Windling as the fantasy editor. The book is produced in two formats: a hard cover edition and a perfect bound paper cover version.

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19Adam L. G. Nevill Where Angels Come In
8Emily Newland Who Will Love the River God?
13Kim Newman You Don't Have To Be Mad...
16  Egyptian Avenue
19  The Gypsies in the Wood
20Scott Nicholson Dog Person
8David Nickle The Sloan Men
21Tim Nickels England and Nowhere
21Garth Nix Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again
14Claudia Barbosa Nogueira Maria de Jesus
1William F. Nolan My Name Is Dolly
16Helga M. Novak The Wild Hunt

17Mike O'Driscoll The Silence of the Falling Stars
17Patrick O'Leary Invisible Geese: A Theory
17  The Perfect City
9Mary O'Malley The Otter Woman
14Stewart O'Nan Endless Summer
1Joyce Carol Oates Haunted
3  Family
4  Ladies and Gentlemen
6  Martyrdom
8  Brothers
9  ##############
11  The Sky-Blue Ball
18  Stripping
20  Landfill
21  Valentine, July Heat Wave
18Frances Oliver Dancing on Air
19Reggie Oliver Among the Tombs
21  Mr. Poo Poo
6Grozdana Olujic; trans. by Jascha Kessler The Bewitched Burr
12Lawrence Osgood Great Sedna

18Chuck Palahniuk Guts
19  Hot Potting
1Susan Palwick Ever After
4  Offerings
15  Gestella
7Sara Paretsky Freud at Thirty Paces
21Paul Park Fragrant Goddess
5Norman Partridge The Cut Man
11  Bucket of Blood
12  Blackbirds
15  Where the Woodbine Twineth
14Ben Pastor Achilles' Grave
14Dawn Karima Pettigrew Atasdi: Fish Story
16Robert Phillips The Snow Queen
11Nancy Pickard It Had to Be You
2Daniel M. Pinkwater Wempires
3James Powell A Dirge for Clowntown
5  Santa's Way
6  Ruby Laughter, Tears of Pearl
16Susan Power Roofwalker
12Holly Prado The Tall, Upheaving One
15Tim Pratt Annabelle's Alphabet
20  Cup and Table
4Susan Prospere Frozen Charlottes
1Kathryn Ptacek Dead Possums

8Leroy Quintana La Promesa

17Philip Raines and Harvey Wells The Fishie
18  The Bad Magician
18Tina Rath A Trick of the Dark
9Robert Reed Mrs. Greasy
14Stacey Richter The Cavemen in the Hedges
19  A Case Study of Emergency Room Procedure and Risk Management by Hospital Staff Members in the Urban Facility
17M. Rickert Bread and Bombs
18  Cold Fires
20  Journey into the Kingdom
21  Holiday
8Carme Riera Report
16Adam Roberts Swiftly
19Barbara Roden Northwest Passage
14Ian Rodwell & Steve Duffy The Penny Drops
10Bruce Holland Rogers In the Matter of the Ukdena
19Deborah Roggie The Mushroom Duchess
8Kevin Roice Is That Them?
15Patrick Roscoe The Tattoo Artist
17Benjamin Rosenbaum The Valley of the Giants
20  A Siege of Cranes
12Mary Rosenblum The Rainmaker
18Anna Ross These Various Methods of Brightness
14Leone Ross Tasting Songs
12Zan Ross At The River of Crocodiles
7Caila Rossi Small Adjustments
6Cristina Peri Rossi; trans. by Mary Jane Tracy The Annunciation
2Ruth Roston Secretly
20Christopher Rowe Another Word for Map Is Faith
6Nicholas Royle Glory
7  The Crucian Pit
8  The Big Game
11  Kingyo no fun
11  Mbo
16  Hide and Seek
16  Standard Gauge
20  The Churring
4Kristine Kathryn Rusch Harvest
8  Monuments to the Dead
10Jay Russell Lily's Whisper
16  Hides
19  Ding-Dong-Bell
21Karen Russell Vampires in the Lemon Grove
4Vern Rutsala The Muses of Rooms
14Donelle R. Ruwe The Thousandth Night
19Geoff Ryman The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai
20  Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter

12Ralph Salisbury Hoopa, the White Deer Dance
13James Sallis Dear Floods of Her Hair
5Jessica Amanda Salmonson Fisher Death
5  Walk in Sable
6  In the Looking Glass, Life Is Death
19Mark Samuels Shallaballah
11Mayra Santos-Febres Marina's Fragrance
17George Saunders The Red Bow
20Brett Alexander Savory Messages
16Eric Schaller The Assistant to Dr. Jacob
7Rafik Schami The Storyteller
21Veronica Schanoes Rats
19Willa Schneberg Grief (poem)
20John Schoffstall Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery
1David J. Schow Pamela's Get
4  Not from Around Here
9  Refrigerator Heaven
8Darrell Schweitzer He Unwraps Himself
6M. R. Scofidio Playing With
13April Selley Mrs. Santa Decides to Move to Florida
10Olive Senior Gourd
11Jeffrey Shaffer Winner Take All
6Jo Shapcott Tom and Jerry visit England
13Mary Sharratt The Anatomy of a Mermaid
19Nisi Shawl Cruel Sistah
1Michael Shea Fat Face
4Dyan Sheldon The Dream
1Lucius Shepard Delta Sly Honey
1  Pictures Made of Stones
1  White Trains
2  Life of Buddha
6  A Little Night Music
17  Only Partly Here
4Lucius Shepard & Robert Frazier The All-Consuming
20Ira Sher Lionflower Hedge
6Charlotte Watson Sherman Swimming Lesson
1Delia Sherman The Maid on the Shore
3  Miss Carstairs and the Merman
4  Nanny Peters and the Feathery Bride
8  Young Woman in a Garden
9  The Printer's Daughter
10  The Witch's Heart
12  The Faerie Cony-catcher
13  Carabosse
13  The Parwat Ruby
14  The Crone
19  Walpurgis Afternoon
20  La Fée Verte
21  The Fiddler of Bayou Teche
7Will Shetterly The Princess Who Kicked Butt
7Will Shetterly & Emma Bull Comics 1993
8  Comics 1994
2Lewis Shiner Love in Vain
3John Shirley Equilibrium
4David B. Silva The Calling
6Robert Silverberg It Comes and Goes
10  Diana of the Hundred Breasts
2Dan Simmons Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds
3  Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
7  Dying in Bangkok
4Rachel Simon Little Nightmares, Little Dreams
17Vandana Singh The Wife
1John M. Skipp & Craig Spector Gentlemen
6Sue Ellen Sloca Candles on the Pond
18Alison Smith The Specialist
21Maggie Smith Village Smart
7Michael Marshall Smith Later
8  Rain Falls
9  More Tomorrow
10  Not Waving
12  A Place to Stay
13  Welcome
13  What You Make It
17  Open Doors
18R.T. Smith Horton's Store
13Laurence Snydal Grandmother
3Midori Snyder Jack Straw
5  Vivian
6  Elfhouses
9  King of Crows
5S. P. Somtow Chui Chai
5  The Pavilion of Frozen Women
9  Dragon's Fin Soup
15  The Bird Catcher
15Marin Sorescu The Cowardly Coffin
10Lisa Russ Spaar Rapunzel's Exile
8William Browning Spencer The Ocean and All Its Devices
21  The Tenth Muse
5Nancy Springer In Carnation
5  To Be a Hero
12Ilan Stavans Blimunda
14Ellen Steiber The Shape of Things
3Andrew Stephenson Cinema Altéré
19Bruce Sterling Denial
3  Dori Bangs
11Steve Stern The Sin of Elijah
7E. R. Stewart Wooden Druthers
4Peter Straub A Short Guide to the City
6  The Ghost Village
12  Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff
18  Lapland, or Film Noir
18  Mr. Aickman's Air Rifle
4Gwen Strauss The Beast
4  The Waiting Wolf
18Lucy Sussex Frozen Charlottes
3Michael Swanwick The Edge of the World
8  'In the Tradition...'
10  Radio Waves
17  King Dragon
11Matthew Sweeney Princess
14Eve Sweetser Gretel in Berkley
4George Szanto The Sweeper
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Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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