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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror In 1988, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling collected together what they thought was the best short fantasy and horror from the previous year. They went through as many of the magazines, collections and anthologies published in 1987 that they could find and chose those stories which they decided best represented the fantasy and horror field. Originally conceived by him, Jim Frenkel arranged for its publication by St. Martins's Press and it has been produced every year since then. In 2003, Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant took over from Terri Windling as the fantasy editor. The book is produced in two formats: a hard cover edition and a perfect bound paper cover version.

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The Year's Best Fantasy: First Annual Collection
1Terri Windling Summation 1987: Fantasy
1Ellen Datlow Summation 1987: Horror
1Edward Bryant Horror and Fantasy on the Screen: 1987
1James Frenkel Obituaries: 1987
1Ursula K. Le Guin Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight
1T. M. Wright A World Without Toys
1Joe Haldeman DX
1Jonathan Carroll Friend's Best Man
1Gwyneth Jones The Snow Apples
1Susan Palwick Ever After
1William F. Nolan My Name Is Dolly
1Joan Aiken The Moon's Revenge
1Edward Bryant Author's Notes
1John Robert Bensink Lake George in High August
1Steven Brust Csucskari
1Ramsey Campbell The Other Side
1David J. Schow Pamela's Get
1Elizabeth S. Helfman Voices in the Wind
1Jane Yolen Once Upon a Time, She Said
1Carol Emshwiller The Circular Library of Stones
1Harlan Ellison Soft Monkey
1Michael Shea Fat Face
1Charles de Lint Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair
1George R. R. Martin The Pear-Shaped Man
1Lucius Shepard Delta Sly Honey
1M. John Harrison Small Heirlooms
1Patricia C. Wrede The Improper Princess
1John Brunner The Fable of the Farmer and Fox
1Joyce Carol Oates Haunted
1Kathryn Ptacek Dead Possums
1Lucius Shepard Pictures Made of Stones
1Douglas E. Winter Splatter: A Cautionary Tale
1John M. Skipp & Craig Spector Gentlemen
1Craig Shaw Gardner Demon Luck
1Jane Yolen Words of Power
1Lisa Tuttle Jamie's Grave
1Delia Sherman The Maid on the Shore
1Michael McDowell Halley's Passing
1Lucius Shepard White Trains
1Natalie Babbitt Simple Sentences
1Alan Moore A Hypothetical Lizard
1  Honorable Mentions: 1987

The Year's Best Fantasy: Second Annual Collection
2Terri Windling Summation 1988: Fantasy
2Ellen Datlow Summation 1988: Horror
2Edward Bryant Horror and Fantasy on the Screen: 1988
2James Frenkel Obituaries: 1988
2Lisa Goldstein Death Is Different
2Gene Wolfe The Tale of the Rose and the Nightingale (And What Came of It)
2Pat Cadigan It Was the Heat
2Edward Bryant The Cutter
2John DuFresne The Freezer Jesus
2Thomas M. Disch Voices of the Kill
2Ruth Roston Secretly
2Tanith Lee The Devil's Rose
2Daniel M. Pinkwater Wempires
2Greg Egan Scatter My Ashes
2Ian McDonald Unfinished Portrait of the King of Pain by Van Gogh
2Richard Matheson Shoo Fly
2Michael Blumlein The Thing Itself
2Charles de Lint The Soft Whisper of Midnight Snow
2Anne Gay Roman Games
2Patricia C. Wrede The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn
2Robert Kelly The Book and Its Contents
2M. John Harrison The Great God Pan
2Ian Watson Lost Bodies
2Dan Simmons Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds
2John M. Ford Preflash
2Lucius Shepard Life of Buddha
2Charles Beaumont Appointment with Eddie
2William Kotzwinkle Fragments of Papyrus from the Temple of the Older Gods
2Nancy Kress Spillage
2Charles L. Grant Snowman
2Dennis Etchison The Scar
2Gwyneth Jones Laiken Langstrand
2Sandra M. Gilbert The Last Poem About the Snow Queen
2Sandra M. Gilbert Pinocchio
2Gene Wolfe Game in the Pope's Head
2Ramsey Campbell Playing the Game
2F. Paul Wilson Faces
2Jessie Thompson Snowfall
2Sara Maitland Seal-Self
2Barry N. Malzberg No Hearts, No Flowers
2Jane Yolen The Boy Who Drew Unicorns
2Scott Bradfield The Darling
2Joe R. Lansdale Night They Missed the Horror Show
2Rick DeMarinis Your Story
2John M. Ford Winter Solstice, Camelot Station
2Gene Wolfe The Boy Who Hooked the Sun
2Joan Aiken Clem's Dream
2Lewis Shiner Love in Vain
2Bruce Boston In the Darkened Hours
2Ru Emerson A Golden Net for Silver Fishes
2Jim Aikin Dancing Among Ghosts
2  Honorable Mentions: 1988

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection
3Terri Windling Summation 1989: Fantasy
3Ellen Datlow Summation 1989: Horror
3Edward Bryant Horror and Fantasy on the Screen: 1989
3James Frenkel Obituaries
3Michael Swanwick The Edge of the World
3Fred Chappell The Adder
3Nancy Etchemendy Cat in Glass
3Rory Harper Monsters, Tearing Off My Face
3Joyce Carol Oates Family
3James Powell A Dirge for Clowntown
3Delia Sherman Miss Carstairs and the Merman
3Reginald Bretnor Unknown Things
3Bruce Boston & Robert Frazier Return to the Mutant Rain Forest
3Tatyana Tolstaya Date with a Bird
3Joseph A. Citro Them Bald-Headed Snays
3Edward Bryant A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned
3Michael Moorcock Hanging the Fool
3Leif Enger Hansel's Finger
3Garry Kilworth Dogfaerie
3Emma Bull A Bird That Whistles
3Lisa Tuttle The Walled Garden
3Scott Baker Varicose Worms
3Leszek Kolakowski The War with Things
3Jane Yolen The Faery Flag
3Zhaxi Dawa Souls Tied to the Knots on a Leather Cord
3Steven Millhauser The Illusionist
3Charles de Lint Timeskip
3Robert R. McCammon Something Passed By
3Dan Daly Self-portrait Mixed Media on Pavement, 1988
3Michael de Larrabeiti The Plane Tree and the Fountain
3Tanith Lee White as Sin, Now
3Pat Cadigan The Power and the Passion
3Midori Snyder Jack Straw
3J. N. Williamson The Sudd
3Jonathan Carroll Mr. Fiddlehead
3Dan Simmons Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
3Andrew Stephenson Cinema Altéré
3Gary A. Braunbeck Matters of Family
3Jane Yolen Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary
3Joan Aiken Find Me
3James P. Blaylock Unidentified Objects
3Ramsey Campbell Meeting the Author
3Gwyneth Jones The Lovers
3Chet Williamson Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'n Purty...He Said. (Page 243)
3Bruce Sterling Dori Bangs
3Joe R. Lansdale The Steel Valentine
3John Shirley Equilibrium
3Joe Haldeman Time Lapse
3Garry Kilworth White Noise
3Robley Wilson Terrible Kisses
3Greg Bear Sleepside Story
3  Honorable Mentions: 1989
Volume: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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