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The Year's Best Science Fiction In 1984, Gardner Dozois gathered together what he thought was the best short science fiction of the previous year. He scrutinized as many of the magazines, collections and anthologies published in 1983 that he could get his hands on and chose those which he felt best represented the science fiction field. Jim Frenkel published it as part of his Bluejay Books line (for three years) and it has been produced every year since then (by St. Martins's Press). The book is produced in two formats: a hard cover edition and a perfect bound paper cover version.

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25Keith Brooke The Accord
1Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 1983
2  Acknowledgments: 1984
3  Acknowledgments: 1985
4  Acknowledgments: 1986
5  Acknowledgments: 1987
6  Acknowledgments: 1988
7  Acknowledgments: 1989
8  Acknowledgments: 1990
9  Acknowledgments: 1991
10  Acknowledgments: 1992
11  Acknowledgments: 1993
12  Acknowledgments: 1994
13  Acknowledgments: 1995
14  Acknowledgments: 1996
15  Acknowledgments: 1997
16  Acknowledgments: 1998
17  Acknowledgments: 1999
18  Acknowledgments: 2000
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31  Acknowledgments: 2013
27Nancy Kress Act One
2Robert Silverberg The Affair
15Ian McDonald After Kerry
29Maureen McHugh After the Apocalypse
28Rachel Swirsky Again and Again and Again
4Robert Silverberg Against Babylon
25Robert Silverberg Against the Current
20Alexander Irvine Agent Provocateur
25Neal Asher Alien Archeology
11Rebecca Ore Alien Bootlegger
5Gene Wolfe All the Hues of Hell
8Lucius Shepard & Robert Frazier The All-Consuming
7Gregory Benford Alphas
28Carrie Vaughn Amaryllis
23William Sanders Amba
5Orson Scott Card America
28Tad Williams And Ministers of Grace...
4Harry Turtledove And So to Bed
8Kate Wilhelm And the Angels Sing
21Paul Di Filippo And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
5Pat Cadigan Angel
23Joe Haldeman Angel of Light
9Kathe Koja Angels in Love
21M. Shayne Bell Anomalous Structures of My Dreams
18Charles Stross Antibodies
29Robert Reed The Ants of Flanders
16Geoffrey A. Landis Approaching Perimelasma
29Alastair Reynolds Ascension Day
30Carrie Vaughn Astrophilia
12Katharine Kerr Asylum
5Alexander Jablokov At the Cross-Time Jaunter's Ball
2Elizabeth A. Lynn At the Embassy Club
20Richard Wadholm At the Money
7Connie Willis At the Rialto
23Harry Turtledove Audubon in Atlantis
21John C. Wright Awake in the Night

31Alexander JablokovBad Day on Boscobel
2Jack M. Dann Bad Medicine
26James L. Cambias Balancing Accounts
15Gwyneth Jones Balinese Dancer
29Damien Broderick The Beancounter's Cat
21Judith Moffett The Bear's Baby
8Terry Bisson Bears Discover Fire
4Bruce Sterling The Beautiful and the Sublime
15Robert Silverberg Beauty in the Night
27Robert Reed Before My Last Breath
9Nancy Kress Beggars in Spain
21John Varley The Bellman
10Ian McDonald The Best and the Rest of James Joyce
31Carrie VaughnThe Best We Can
23Alastair Reynolds Beyond the Aquila Rift
1James Tiptree, Jr. Beyond the Dead Reef
25Justin Stanchfield Beyond the Wall
14Bruce Sterling Bicycle Repairman
24Jay Lake And Ruth Nestvold The Big Ice
31Jake KerrBiographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince
10Robert Reed Birth Day
21Geoff Ryman Birth Days
18Ursula K. Le Guin The Birthday of the World
1Kim Stanley Robinson Black Air
2Lucius Shepard Black Coral
27Bruce Sterling Black Swan
23Bruce Sterling The Blemmye's Strategem
28Alexander Jablokov Blind Cat Dance
1Jack M. Dann Blind Shemmy
27Geoff Ryman Blocked
27Ted Kosmatka & Michael Poore Blood Dauber
1Greg Bear Blood Music
9Greg Egan Blood Sisters
2Octavia E. Butler Bloodchild
2Connie Willis Blued Moon
29Alec Nevala-Lee The Boneless One
26Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette Boojum
31Lavie TidharThe Book Seller
28Kage Baker The Books
17Greg Egan Border Guards
24Gregory Benford Bow Shock
8Charles Sheffield A Braver Thing
20Ian R. MacLeod Breathmoss
5Ursula K. Le Guin Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight
23James Patrick Kelly Burn
27Dominic Green Butterfly Bomb
26Aliete de Bodard Butterfly, Falling At Dawn
10Kathe Koja By the Mirror of My Youth
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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Second Annual Collection
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Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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