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The Year's Best Science Fiction In 1984, Gardner Dozois gathered together what he thought was the best short science fiction of the previous year. He scrutinized as many of the magazines, collections and anthologies published in 1983 that he could get his hands on and chose those which he felt best represented the science fiction field. Jim Frenkel published it as part of his Bluejay Books line (for three years) and it has been produced every year since then (by St. Martins's Press). The book is produced in two formats: a hard cover edition and a perfect bound paper cover version.

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4Howard Waldrop Fair Game
5Karen Joy Fowler The Faithful Companion at Forty
22Brendan DuBois Falling Star
6Kim Newman Famous Monsters
24Greg Van Eekhout Far As You Can Go
11Joe Haldeman Feedback
13Nancy Kress Feigenbaum Number
3Frederik Pohl Fermi and Frost
4Somtow Sucharitkul Fiddling for Waterbuffaloes
31Melissa ScottFinders
25David Moles Finisterra
30Brit Mandelo The Finite Canvas
8John Brunner The First Since Ancient Persia
30Robert Charles Wilson Fireborn
26Robert Reed Five Thrillers
11Dan Simmons Flashback
21Terry Dowling Flashmen
31Sandra McDonaldFleet
20James Van Pelt A Flock of Birds
28Yoon Ha Lee Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain
12George Turner Flowering Mandrake
14Nancy Kress The Flowers of Aulit Prison
5Bruce Sterling Flowers of Edo
21Paolo Bacigalupi The Fluted Girl
28Nina Allan Flying in the Face of God
3Howard Waldrop Flying Saucer Rock & Roll
9Brian W. Aldiss FOAM
22Peter F. Hamilton Footvote
29Michael Swanwick For I Have Lain Me Down on the Stone of Loneliness and I'll Not Be Back Again
7Mike Resnick For I Have Touched the Sky
5Michael Bishop For Thus Do I Remember Carthage
13Joe Haldeman For White Hill
14Walter Jon Williams Foreign Devils
2Tanith Lee Foreign Skins
5Michael F. Flynn The Forest of Time
5Kate Wilhelm Forever Yours, Anna
12Ursula K. Le Guin Forgiveness Day
9Ian McDonald Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria
16Jim Grimsley Free in Asveroth
2James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel Friend
11Brian W. Aldiss Friendship Bridge
3Orson Scott Card The Fringe
26Michael Swanwick From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled
15Carolyn Ives Gilman Frost Painting
23Gwyneth Jones The Fulcrum
1Avram Davidson Full Chicken Richness

26Kristine Kathryn Rusch G-Men
17Alastair Reynolds Galactic North
9Kristine Kathryn Rusch The Gallery of His Dreams
26Paolo Bacigalupi The Gambler
22Eleanor Arnason The Garden: A Hwarhath Science Fiction Romance
4Karen Joy Fowler The Gate of Ghosts
1Vernor Vinge Gemstone
9Paul McAuley Gene Wars
13Poul Anderson Genesis
11Charles Sheffield Georgia on My Mind
15David Marusek Getting to Know You
29Yoon Ha Lee Ghostweight
6Bruce McAllister The Girl Who Loved Animals
30Pat Cadigan The Girl-thing Who Went Out for Sushi
19Alastair Reynolds Glacial
6Kim Stanley Robinson Glacier
5James Patrick Kelly Glass Cloud
25Greg Egan Glory
10Steven Utley The Glowing Cloud
18Susan Palwick Going After Bobo
12William Sanders Going After Old Man Alabama
23Chris Roberson Gold Mountain
1R. A. Lafferty Golden Gate
24Robert Reed Good Mountain
4Richard Kearns Grave Angels
10Joe Haldeman Graves
10Tom Maddox Gravity's Angel
31Karl BunkerGray Wings
23Steven Popkes The Great Caruso
18Robert Charles Wilson The Great Goodbye
18Alastair Reynolds Great Wall of Mars
7John Crowley Great Work of Time
3Bruce Sterling Green Days in Brunei
21Walter Jon Williams The Green Leopard Plague
3Kim Stanley Robinson Green Mars
17Richard Wadholm Green Tea
10Michael Swanwick Griffin's Egg
16Tony Daniel Grist
10Ian R. MacLeod Grownups
6Brian Stableford The Growth of the House of Usher
11Robert Reed Guest of Honor
15John Kessel Gulliver at Home

27Adam Roberts Hair
16William Browning Spencer The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness
5Michael McDowell Halley's Passing
20Charles Stross Halo
10Arthur C. Clarke The Hammer of God
31Brendan DuBoisHard Stars
1Greg Bear Hardfought
17Frederik Pohl Hatching the Phoenix
4Orson Scott Card Hatrack River
19Geoff Ryman Have Not Have
31Sunny MoraineA Heap of Broken Images
15Howard Waldrop Heart of Whitenesse
1John Kessel Hearts Do Not in Eyes Shine
25Kage Baker Hellfire at Twilight
8Joe Haldeman The Hemingway Hoax
1Leigh Kennedy Her Furry Face
26Karl Schroeder The Hero
17Robert Silverberg A Hero of the Empire
24Ken MacLeod The Highway Men
26Hannu Rajaniemi His Master's Voice
28Robert Reed A History of Terraforming
9Kim Stanley Robinson A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations
6Judith Moffett The Hob
12Terry Bisson The Hole in the Hole
30Eleanor Arnason Holmes Sherlock: A Hwarhath Mystery
13Geoff Ryman Home
6James Patrick Kelly Home Front
24Mary Rosenblum Home Movies
1Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 1983
2  Honorable Mentions: 1984
3  Honorable Mentions: 1985
4  Honorable Mentions: 1986
5  Honorable Mentions: 1987
6  Honorable Mentions: 1988
7  Honorable Mentions: 1989
8  Honorable Mentions: 1990
9  Honorable Mentions: 1991
10  Honorable Mentions: 1992
11  Honorable Mentions: 1993
12  Honorable Mentions: 1994
13  Honorable Mentions: 1995
14  Honorable Mentions: 1996
15  Honorable Mentions: 1997
16  Honorable Mentions: 1998
17  Honorable Mentions: 1999
18  Honorable Mentions: 2000
19  Honorable Mentions: 2001
20  Honorable Mentions: 2002
21  Honorable Mentions: 2003
22  Honorable Mentions: 2004
23  Honorable Mentions: 2005
24  Honorable Mentions: 2006
25  Honorable Mentions: 2007
26  Honorable Mentions: 2008
27  Honorable Mentions: 2009
28  Honorable Mentions: 2010
29  Honorable Mentions: 2011
30  Honorable Mentions: 2012
31  Honorable Mentions: 2013
8Robert Silverberg Hot Sky
20Kage Baker The Hotel at Harlan's Landing
17Mike Resnick Hothouse Flowers
24Benjamin Rosenbaum The House Beyond Your Sky
6Robert Silverberg House of Bones
14Jonathan Lethem How We Got in Town and out Again
17Paul McAuley How We Lost the Moon. A True Story by Frank W. Allen
19Ken MacLeod The Human Front
17Sage Walker Hunting Mother
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Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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