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The Year's Best Science Fiction In 1984, Gardner Dozois gathered together what he thought was the best short science fiction of the previous year. He scrutinized as many of the magazines, collections and anthologies published in 1983 that he could get his hands on and chose those which he felt best represented the science fiction field. Jim Frenkel published it as part of his Bluejay Books line (for three years) and it has been produced every year since then (by St. Martins's Press). The book is produced in two formats: a hard cover edition and a perfect bound paper cover version.

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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Ninth Annual Collection
9Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 1991
9Gardner Dozois Summation: 1991
9Nancy Kress Beggars in Spain
9Alexander Jablokov Living Will
9Lois Tilton A Just and Lasting Peace
9William Gibson Skinner's Room
9Walter Jon Williams Prayers on the Wind
9Greg Egan Blood Sisters
9Karen Joy Fowler The Dark
9Ian R. MacLeod Marnie
9Robert Silverberg A Tip on a Turtle
9Kim Newman Übermensch!
9Pat Cadigan Dispatches from the Revolution
9Robert Reed Pipes
9Gregory Benford Matter's End
9Kim Stanley Robinson A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations
9Paul McAuley Gene Wars
9Kristine Kathryn Rusch The Gallery of His Dreams
9Geoffrey A. Landis A Walk in the Sun
9Ian McDonald Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria
9Kathe Koja Angels in Love
9Rick Shelley Eyewall
9James Patrick Kelly Pogrom
9Greg Egan The Moat
9Jack M. Dann Voices
9Brian W. Aldiss FOAM
9Connie Willis Jack
9Chris Beckett La Macchina
9Mike Resnick One Perfect Morning, with Jackals
9Mark L. Van Name & Pat Murphy Desert Rain
9Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 1991

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Tenth Annual Collection
10Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 1992
10Gardner Dozois Summation: 1992
10Michael Swanwick Griffin's Egg
10Connie Willis Even the Queen
10L. Sprague de Camp The Round-Eyed Barbarians
10Greg Egan Dust
10Terry Bisson Two Guys from the Future
10Nancy Kress The Mountain to Mohammed
10Ian Watson The Coming of Vertumnus
10Robert Silverberg A Long Night's Vigil at the Temple
10Arthur C. Clarke The Hammer of God
10Ian R. MacLeod Grownups
10Joe Haldeman Graves
10Steven Utley The Glowing Cloud
10Tom Maddox Gravity's Angel
10Maureen F. McHugh Protection
10Neal Barrett, Jr. The Last Cardinal Bird in Tennessee
10Robert Reed Birth Day
10Pat Cadigan Naming Names
10Jonathan Lethem & Lukas Jaeger The Elvis National Theater of Okinawa
10Bradley Denton The Territory
10Ian McDonald The Best and the Rest of James Joyce
10Kate Wilhelm Naming the Flowers
10Ian R. MacLeod Snodgrass
10Kathe Koja By the Mirror of My Youth
10Frederik Pohl Outnumbering the Dead
10Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 1992

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eleventh Annual Collection
11Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 1993
11Gardner Dozois Summation: 1993
11Ian R. MacLeod Papa
11Bruce Sterling Sacred Cow
11Nancy Kress Dancing on Air
11Don Webb A Visit to the Farside
11Rebecca Ore Alien Bootlegger
11Connie Willis Death on the Nile
11Brian W. Aldiss Friendship Bridge
11G. David Nordley Into the Miranda Rift
11Mike Resnick Mwalimu in the Squared Circle
11Robert Reed Guest of Honor
11Pat Cadigan Love Toys of the Gods
11Greg Egan Chaff
11Charles Sheffield Georgia on My Mind
11Neal Barrett, Jr. Cush
11Mark Rich On the Collection of Humans
11Steven Utley There and Then
11Jack Cady The Night We Buried Road Dog
11Joe Haldeman Feedback
11Stephen Baxter Lieserl
11Dan Simmons Flashback
11William Browning Spencer A Child's Christmas in Florida
11Maureen F. McHugh & David B. Kisor Whispers
11Walter Jon Williams Wall, Stone, Craft
11Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 1993

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twelfth Annual Collection
12Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 1994
12Gardner Dozois Summation: 1994
12Ursula K. Le Guin Forgiveness Day
12Robert Reed The Remoras
12Maureen F. McHugh Nekropolis
12Nancy Kress Margin of Error
12Stephen Baxter Cilia-of-Gold
12William Sanders Going After Old Man Alabama
12Michael F. Flynn Melodies of the Heart
12Terry Bisson The Hole in the Hole
12Pat Cadigan Paris In June
12George Turner Flowering Mandrake
12Joe Haldeman None So Blind
12Greg Egan Cocoon
12Mike Resnick Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
12Geoff Ryman Dead Space for the Unexpected
12Michael Bishop Cri de Coeur
12Howard Waldrop The Sawing Boys
12Ursula K. Le Guin The Matter of Seggri
12Eliot Fintushel Ylem
12Katharine Kerr Asylum
12Walter Jon Williams Red Elvis
12Mary Rosenblum California Dreamer
12Lisa Goldstein Split Light
12Brian Stableford Les Fleurs du Mal
12Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 1994
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Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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