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The Year's Best Science Fiction In 1984, Gardner Dozois gathered together what he thought was the best short science fiction of the previous year. He scrutinized as many of the magazines, collections and anthologies published in 1983 that he could get his hands on and chose those which he felt best represented the science fiction field. Jim Frenkel published it as part of his Bluejay Books line (for three years) and it has been produced every year since then (by St. Martins's Press). The book is produced in two formats: a hard cover edition and a perfect bound paper cover version.

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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection
25Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 2007
25Gardner Dozois Summation: 2007
25David Moles Finisterra
25Ken MacLeod Lighting Out
25John Barnes The Ocean is a Snowflake, Four Billion Miles Away
25Gwyneth Jones Saving Tiamaat
25James Van Pelt Of Late I Dreamt of Venus
25Ian McDonald Verthandi's Ring
25Una McCormack Sea Change
25Chris Roberson The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small
25Greg Egan Glory
25Robert Silverberg Against the Current
25Neal Asher Alien Archeology
25Ted Chiang The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate
25Justin Stanchfield Beyond the Wall
25Bruce Sterling Kiosk
25Stephen Baxter Last Contact
25Alastair Reynolds The Sledge-Maker's Daughter
25Ian McDonald Sanjeev and Robotwallah
25Michael Swanwick The Skysailor's Tale
25Vandana Singh Of Love and Other Monsters
25Greg Egan Steve Fever
25Kage Baker Hellfire at Twilight
25Brian Stableford The Immortals of Atlantis
25Pat Cadigan Nothing Personal
25Elizabeth Bear Tideline
25Keith Brooke The Accord
25Nancy Kress Laws of Survival
25Tom Purdom The Mists of Time
25Kristine Kathyrn Rusch Craters
25Ted Kosmatka The Prophet of Flores
25Benjamin Rosenbaum & David AckertStray
25Robert Reed Roxie
25Gregory Benford Dark Heaven
25Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 2007

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection
26Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 2008
26Gardner Dozois Summation: 2008
26Stephen Baxter Turing's Apples
26Michael Swanwick From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled
26Paolo Bacigalupi The Gambler
26Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette Boojum
26Alastair Reynolds The Six Directions Of Space
26Ted Kosmatka N-Words
26Ian McDonald An Eligible Boy
26Dominic Green Shining Armour
26Karl Schroeder The Hero
26Mary Robinette Kowal Evil Robot Monkey
26Robert Reed Five Thrillers
26Jay Lake The Sky That Wraps The World Round, Past The Blue And Into The Black
26Paul McAuley Incomers
26Greg Egan Crystal Nights
26Mary Rosenblum The Egg Man
26Hannu Rajaniemi His Master's Voice
26Charles Coleman Finlay The Political Prisoner
26James L. Cambias Balancing Accounts
26Maureen F. McHugh Special Economics
26Geoff Ryman Days Of Wonder
26Paul McAuley City Of The Dead
26Gwyneth Jones The Voyage Out
26Daryl Gregory The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm
26Kristine Kathryn Rusch G-Men
26Nancy Kress The Erdmann Nexus
26Garth Nix Old Friends
26James Alan Gardner The Ray-Gun: A Love Story
26Gord Sellar Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons' Blues
26Aliete de Bodard Butterfly, Falling At Dawn
26Ian McDonald The Tear
26Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 2008

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection
27Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 2009
27Gardner Dozois Summation: 2009
27Robert Charles Wilson Utriusque Cosmi
27Steven Gould A Story, With Beans
27Karl Bunker Under The Shouting Sky
27John Kessel Events Preceding the Helvetican Revolution
27Maureen F. McHugh Useless Things
27Bruce Sterling Black Swan
27Paul McAuley Crimes and Glory
27Alexander Irvine Seventh Fall
27Dominic Green Butterfly Bomb
27Vandana Singh Infinites
27John Barnes Things Undone
27Jay Lake On The Human Plan
27Peter Watts The Island
27Lavie Tidhar The Integrity of the Chain
27Mary Rosenblum Lion Walk
27Jo Walton Escape to Other Worlds with Science Fiction
27Rand B. Lee Three Leaves of Aloe
27Elizabeth Bear & Sarah MonetteMongoose
27Albert E. Cowdrey Paradiso Lost
27Nicola Griffith It Takes Two
27Geoff Ryman Blocked
27James Van Pelt Solace
27Nancy Kress Act One
27John C. Wright Twilight of the Gods
27Ted Kosmatka & Michael Poore Blood Dauber
27Damien Broderick This Wind Blowing, And This Tide
27Adam Roberts Hair
27Robert Reed Before My Last Breath
27Paul Cornell One of Our Bastards Is Missing
27Chris Roberson Edison's Frankenstein
27Ian Creasey Erosion
27Ian McDonald Vishnu at the Cat Circus
27Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 2009

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Eighth Annual Collection
28Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments: 2010
28Gardner Dozois Summation: 2010
28Robert Reed A History of Terraforming
28Robert Reed Dead Man's Run
28Lavie Tidhar The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String
28Lavie Tidhar The Night Train
28Geoffrey A. Landis The Sultan of the Clouds
28Eleanor Arnason Mammoths of the Great Plains
28Peter Watts The Things
28Steven Popkes Jackie's-Boy
28David Moles Seven Cities of Gold
28Cory Doctorow Chicken Little
28Damien Broderick Under the Moons of Venus
28Ian R. MacLeod Re-Crossing the Styx
28Hannu Rajaniemi Elegy for a Young Elk
28Jim Hawkins Chimbwi
28Joe Haldeman Sleeping Dogs
28Naomi Novik Seven Years from Home
28Tad Williams And Ministers of Grace...
28Alastair Reynolds Sleepover
28Yoon Ha Lee Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain
28Ted Kosmatka In-Fall
28Carrie Vaughn Amaryllis
28Nina Allan Flying in the Face of God
28Allen M. Steele The Emperor of Mars
28Chris Beckett The Peacock Cloak
28Jay Lake and Ken ScholesThe Starship Mechanic
28Rachel Swirsky Again and Again and Again
28Stephen Baxter Return to Titan
28Michael Swanwick Libertarian Russia
28Aliette de Bodard The Shipmaker
28Alexander Jablokov Blind Cat Dance
28Pat Cadigan The Taste of Night
28Kage Baker The Books
28Brenda Cooper My Father's Singularity
28Gardner Dozois Honorable Mentions: 2010
Volume: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31

Contents: Sorted by Volume | Sorted by Author | Sorted by Title

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