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Digital Cirque
by Matthew Peckham

Matthew Peckham is the nom de plume of Matthew Peckham. He holds a Master's Degree in English Creative Writing and is currently employed by a railroad as a computer research engineer. In addition to SF Site, Matthew is a contributing editor to PC Gamer, Computer Games Magazine, and Science Fiction Weekly. Matthew is currently working on his first book, a critical look at Stephen King's The Dark Tower series entitled The Path of the Beam. For more about Matthew, check out
Digital Cirque Digital Cirque
a column by Matthew Peckham
Matthew Peckham brings us reviews of the latest trendsetters in video games. Here, he looks at a game called The Dark Eye, developed by a company called Inscape. It paired a collection of Edgar Allan Poe short stories with the spoken narrative talents of William S. Burroughs.

Copyright © 2003 Matthew Peckham

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