Schubert Withdraws from Hugo Ballot

Edmund R. Schubert, the editor of Intergalactic Medicine Show, has announced his decision to withdraw himself from the Best Editor – Short Form category on this year’s Hugo ballot. Schubert is now the fourth nominee to withdraw since the ballot went live.

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Prometheus Award Finalists

This year’s nominees for the Prometheus Award have been announced. The awards are presented by the Libertarian Futurist Society and winners will be announced in August at Sasquan, which will be held in Spokane. The Hall of Fame inductee and Lifetime Achievement inductee were previously announced and will be presented at Marcon 50.

Prometheus Awards

  • The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu
  • Raising Steam, by Terry Pratchett
  • A Better World, by Marcus Sakey
  • Influx, by Daniel Suarez

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ESFS Awards

The winners of the 2015 European Science Fiction Society Awards were announced April 26 at the 37th Eurocon, in St. Petersburg. The Hall of Fame awards are awarded to people who have had an impact both inside and outside their native country. The Spirit of Dedication awards are presented for works and performances produced since the previous Eurocon.

European Grand Master: Eugene Lukin

Hall of Fame

  • Best Author: China Miéville – United Kingdom
  • Best Artist: Manchu – France
  • Best Publisher: Gollancz – United Kingdom
  • Best Magazine: Fantastica Almanac – Bulgaria
  • Best Translator: Ekaterina Dobrohotova-Majkova – Russia
  • Best Promoter of Science Fiction: Mihaela Marika Perkovic’ – Croatia

Spirit of Dedication:

  • Artist: Serhiy Krykun – Ukraine
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Song of the Sea – Ireland
  • Best SF Website: Europa SF – Romania
  • Best Fanzine: Pritiazhenie – Russia
  • Best Creator of Children’s Science Fiction or Fantasy Books: (tie) Ruth F. Long – Ireland; Anton Lomaev – Russia

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Loncon 3 Souvenir Books

Loncon 3 has previously announced a delay in sending out Souvenir Books to non-British members. They have now announced that they will be sending out no more than one copy of the souvenir book per household to Supporting Members if the Supporting Members request a copy no later than June 12. Copies will be sent following Sasquan. Loncon does note that they might not be able to send copies to everyone who requests one. To request a copy, Supporting Members of Loncon 3 can send an e-mail to

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Obituary: Stan Burns

Fan Stan Burns (b.Marsdon Stanford Burns, Jr., 1947) died on April 23. Burns began reading science fiction in 1957, when his mother got him a copy of Heinlein’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel from the library. He became active in LASFS while working on a cultural anthropology paper in 1967 and began attending conventions. Burns was the official photographer at Equicon, Filmcon, LACons I and III, many Loscons.

Obituary: Kathy Doran Owen

Fan Kathy Doran Owen died on April 25. Owens lived in Alabama was was active in developing and running the literary programming track at DragonCon for the past several years.

Obituary: Rex Robinson

Actor Rex Robinson (b.1926) died in April. Robinson appeared in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace as well as in three serials of Doctor Who, including “The Hand of Fear,” “The Monster of Peladon,” and “The Three Doctors.”

Call for Parsec Nominations

The Parsec Awards, given for excellence in science fiction podcasting, are open for nominations. The award was founded in 2005 and is presented annually at Dragon*Con. Nominations in 15 categories are open until May 31.

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Filk Hall of Fame Inductees

Three new members were added to the Filk Hall of Fame at FilkOntario. The Filk Hall of Fame honors performers and organizers. It was founded in 1995. Nominees are suggested by members of fandom and the winners are selected by a panel of judges from a variety of filk conventions.

The 2015 inductees are

  • Kay Shapero
  • Nick Smith
  • Steven Joel Zeve

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SFWA Announces Nebula Toastmaster

SFWA has announced that Nick Offerman, who portrayed Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation will be the toastmaster at the 50th Nebula Award Ceremony, to be held at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on June 6. The Nebula Award weekend is open to anyone and will also feature a free mass autographing on Friday evening from 8:00-9:30.
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