Space Crash

There are reports that an Iridium satellite has collided with a decommissioned Cosmos telecom satellite nearly 500 miles over Siberia. This is the first known case of a collision between satellites. Iridium has stated that the loss of the satellite has only a minimum affect on their system and a replacement satellite, already in orbit, will be moved to fill the gap within thirty days.

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Solstice Awards

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have announced the creation of the Solstice Award, presented for significant impact on the science fiction or fantasy landscape. The award may be given to anyone who has not already received the Damon Knight Grand Master Award or been named Author Emeritus by the SFWA. The award’s first three recipients include Kate Wilhelm, Martin H. Greenberg, and the late Algis Budrys. The awards will be presented at this year’s Nebula weekend in Los Angeles.

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Obituary: Phil Carey

Actor Phil Carey (b.1925) died on February 6th. Carey is best known for his role on various soap operas, but he also has several genre roles to his credit, including the films “The Time Travelers” and “Monster” and episodes of “The Bionic Woman” and “Kolchak, the Night Stalker.” During his fifty-eight year career, he appeared in nearly one hundred films and television shows. Carey was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006.

ALA Genre Reading Lists

The American Library Association has announced its list of genre reading lists for 2009, listing books published in 2008. Categories of genre interest are listed below. The press release includes books which are similar to the winners, as well as a list of runners up.

  • Fantasy: Veil of Gold, by Kim Wilkins
  • Horror: Sharp Teeth, by Toby Barlow
  • Science Fiction: Hunter’s Run, by George R.R. Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham

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Obituary: James Whitmore

Actor James Whitmore (b.1921) died on February 6. Whitmore appeared in a episodes of “The Ray Bradbury Theatre,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “Tarzan.” He also appeared in the film “The Relic.”

European Worldcon

Following discussion of a potential future European Worldcon bid, Steve Cooper has announced a bid has formed to hold the Worldcon in Europe in 2014. The bid is scheduled to officially launch at Eastercon in 2010. Although the final venue has not yet been selected, Cooper has indicated it will likely be either London or Glasgow. The last time London hosted a Worldcon was 1965, and Glasgow hosted one in 2005.

BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts presented their annual awards on February 8. Categories which were won by works of genre interest are listed below.

  • Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Joker, in “The Dark Knight”
  • Best Production Design: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Best Make Up/Hair: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Best Animated Feature Film: WALL-E
  • Best Short Animation: Wallace and Gromit in A Matter of Loaf and Death

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Anime Amber Alert

Police have issued an Amber Alert for 14-year old Deborah Fourzan, who is believed to be traveling to attend Ikkicon in Austin, Texas this weekend. Fourzan is thought to be in the company of James Reimer. According to what Fourzan told her friends, she and Reimer would be stopping at various anime cons en route to California.

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Seattle Pulls Out

The Seattle in 2011 Worldcon bid has had to regrettably pull out of the race, leaving Reno in 2011 unopposed. Seattle has announced that their facilities refused to turn initial options into formal written options when other organizations offered firm financial commitments before Seattle in 2011 was able to. The group explored other options before announcing that they would be ending their bid.

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University of California Riverside News

The University of California Riverside, whose library hosts the Eaton Collection and sponsors a science fiction seminar, has announced a lecture series on science fiction in April and May 2009. Topics will include “The Histories of Science Fiction,” “Marxism, Cinema, and Some Dialectics of Science Fiction and Film Noir,” and “Help Me! A Short History of Science Fiction in Music,” among others. Some of the speakers will be N. Katherine Hayles, Veronica Hollinger, De Witt Douglas Kilgore, Roger Luckhurst, Carl Freedman, and Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.

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