Stoker Nominations

The Bram Stoker Awards nominations, honoring excellence in horror fiction, have been announced. The awards, given by the Horror Writers of America, will be presented the weekend of June 12-14 in Burbank during the Stoker Awards Weekend.

Superior Achievement in a Novel

  • Coffin County, by Gary Braunbeck
  • The Reach, by Nate Kenyon
  • Duma Key, by Stephen King
  • Johnny Gruesome, by Gregory Lamberson

Superior Achievement in a First Novel

  • Midnight on Mourn Street, by Christopher Conlon
  • The Gentling Box, by Lisa Mannetti
  • Monster Behind the Wheel, by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin
  • The Suicide Collectors, by David Oppegaard
  • Frozen Blood, by Joel A. Sutherland

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

  • “The Shallow End of the Pool,” by Adam-Troy Castro
  • “Miranda,” by John R. Little
  • “Redemption Roadshow,” by Weston Ochse
  • “The Confessions of St. Zach,” by Gene O’Neill

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

  • “Petrified,” by Scott Edelman
  • “The Lost,” by Sarah Langan
  • “The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft,” by Nick Mamatas, and Tim Pratt
  • “Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandoment,” by M. Rickert
  • “Turtle,” by Lee Thomas

Superior Achievement in an Anthology

  • Like a Chinese Tattoo, edited by Bill Breedlove
  • Horror Library, Vol. 3, edited by R. J. Cavender
  • Beneath the Surface, edited by Tim Deal
  • Unspeakable Horror, edited by Vince A. Liaguno and Chad Helder

Superior Achievement in a Collection

  • The Number 121 to Pennsylvania, by Kealan Patrick Burke
  • Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales, by Fran Friel
  • Just After Sunset, by Stephen King
  • Mr. Gaunt AND Othet Uneasy Encounters, by John Langan
  • Gleefully Macabre Tales, by Jeff Strand

Superior Achievement in Nonfiction

  • Cheap Scares, by Gregory Lamberson
  • Zombie CSU, by Jonathan Maberry
  • A Hallowe’en Anthology, by Lisa Morton
  • The Book of Lists: Horror, by Amy Wallace, Del Howison, and Scott Bradley

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection

  • The Nightmare Collection, by Bruce Boston
  • The Phantom World, by Gary William Crawford
  • Virgin of the Apocalypse, by Corrine De Winter
  • Attack of the Two-Headed Poetry Monster, by Mark McLaughlin and Michael McCarty

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