Heinlein House For Sale

The house Robert Heinlein built in Colorado Springs is for sale. The asking price for the 4456 square foot, two story house is $650,000.00. The house stands on 1.5 acres and includes parquet wood flooring, a 10×35 foot patio, and three cascading ponds.

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  1. Saskplanner — April 4, 2009 @ 5:32 pm

    I guess technically it was his house, but when he built it the house was only 1150 square feet, so almost ALL of what is there now is ‘newer than Heinlein’ construction and is something someone else built. AND, he and Virginia only lived there until, I think, 1965, so….. And the things that defined the house (built-in furniture, original fittings, etc. seem to be all gone and that would have been part the appeal.

    Too bad.

    What is there now is a far cry from the original.