Baltimore Fan Group Name Change

Baltimore Worldcon 1998, Inc., a 501(C)(3) charitable and educational organization, is the now the Baltimore-Washington Area Worldcon Association, Inc. As the name implies, Baltimore Worldcon 1998, Inc. was established to run Bucconeer. Since running the Worldcon, the group has continued to run the Student Science Fiction and Fantasy Contest (from 1998 to 2006) as well as providing information and resources for international Worldcon bids. The new name reflects the continuing, as well as changing, role of the organization.

David Gemmell Legend Award Nominations

The nominations for the first David Gemmell Legend Award have been announced. The award, founded to honor the memory of late fantasy author David Gemmell, is presented for work written in the “spirit” of David Gemmell.

  • Last Argument of Kings, by Joe Abercrombie
  • Heir to Sevenwaters, by Juliet Marillier
  • The Hero of Ages, by Brandon Sanderson
  • Blood of Elves, by Andrzej Sapkowski
  • The Way of Shadows, by Brent Weeks

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Buckell’s Latest Works

Tobias Buckell and his wife have released their first collaborative effort in the form of twins born at about 7 AM on April 11. Their daughters, named after two of the Greek Muses, were both healthy and had an easy delivery.

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Starlog Goes All Digital

Starlog magazine has announced that after 33 years and 374 issues, it will cease publication of its hardcopy magazine, going entirely to a web publication. The site,, will include daily news updates, features, and reviews, as well as an on-line store.

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BSFA Award Winners

The winners of the British Science Fiction Association Awards have been announced at Eastercon. This year’s winners are listed below.

  • Best Artwork: cover of Subterfuge, by Andy Bigwood
  • Best Non-Fiction: Rhetorics of Fantasy, by Farah Mendlesohn
  • Best Short Fiction: “Exhalation,” by Ted Chiang
  • Best Novel: The Night Sessions, by Ken MacLeod

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Memorabilia from the estate of Forrest J. Ackerman will be going up for auction from April 30-May 2. These lots include a duplicate of the ring from the movie The Mummy, numerous autographed books from Ackerman’s collection, a model spaceship from Starcraft, a flying saucer from the film Ed Wood, and a replica of the Maria costume from Metropolis.

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Philip K. Dick Award Winners

The Philip K. Dick Award for best paperback original science fiction were presented on April 10 at Norwescon. This year the judges elected to present the award to two works.

  • Emissaries from the Dead, by Adam-Troy Castro
  • Terminal Mind, by David Walton

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Lunch (or Golf) With an Astronaut

The Semi-Annual Auction of Astronaut Experiences and Memorabilia is in progress until April 18. The auction, sponsored by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, offers chances to dine with astronauts such as John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, and Tom Stafford, play golf with Jim McDivitt, or snorkeling with Al Worden, among others.

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BookViewCafe is holding a contest for the best short story sent by Twitter. Each entry must be shorter than 126 characters and should focus on the theme of Elf Meets Vampire. All stories should be submitted between 9 AM EST on April 10 and 9 PM EST on April 12. The winner, selected by judges Pati Nagle, Jennifer Stevenson and Sarah Zettel, will receive an autographed copy of Patricia Nagle’s new novel Te Betrayal.

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Author in Court

Children’s author Kevin Bath, who publishes the “Castle Cant” series under the name K.P. Bath, has been charged with three felony counts involving child pornography. Bath, who was accused of trading child porn with others in Washington and Ohio, has plead not-guilty. Pending a June 6 trial, he has been barred from contact with children. His publisher, Little, Brown Children’s, has canceled the Fall 2010 publication of his book Flip Side.

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