Comic Store Fire

A fire damaged the building housing the Comic Den in Renton, Washington on June 11, causing damage to the store. The Comic Den will most likely relocated to a vacant building on South Third Street according to owner Howard Wheatley. The fire started at 232 Wells Ave. S. when an overloaded outlet shorted in a boarding room located in the building.

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Count Dracula a Knight

Actor Christopher Lee, best known for his portrayal of Count Dracula, who also portrayed Saruman and Count Dooku, has been named a Knight of the British Empire. Lee was honored for his lengthy service to drama and charity. his roles also includes genre roles as Death in The Colour of Magic, Dr. Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Flay in Gormenghast among genre roles too numerous to count.

Other actors with ties to the genre who appeared on the honors list include Alan Cumming, who appeared in X2 as Nightcrawler and is currently filming Riverworld for SciFi, and Jonathan Pryce, who starred in Brazil, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.


Obituary: Laura Molesworth

Australian fan Laura Molesworth died on June 6. Molesworth was married to Voltaire Molesworth, the author of A History of Australian Science Fiction Fandom, 1935-1963. After they married in 1946, Laura became active in the Futurian Society of Sydney. She served as the club’s librarian (as well as a librarian in her mundane life) . She was involved with organizaing the earliest Australian National Conventions. By the time Voltaire died in 1964, both had cut back on their fannish activities.

Shuttle Launch Delayed

NASA has announced it will delay the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour from its June 13 date. During fueling on Saturday, ground crews discovered a gaseous hydrogen leak. While NASA is working to fix the problem, the earliest date for the launch, June 17, is already scheduled with the launch of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which also causes a conflict with the Air Force Eastern Range which would provide telemetry and tracking for both launches. The goal remains to launch Endeavour in June, although any June launch would have to take place prior to June 20.

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“Rockefeller” Guilty Verdict

“Clark Rockefeller” (a.k.a. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter and Christopher Chichester) has been convicted of kidnapping his daughter. “Rockefeller” is also considered a person of interest in the disappearance of sf fans John and Linda Sohus in Los Angeles in the 1980s. Although evidence concerning the Sohus’s disappearance wasn’t permitted at his kidnapping trial, the investigation into “Rockefeller’s” link to the Sohus’s is continuing.

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Stoker Award Winners

The Bram Stoker Awards for superior achievement in horror writing were presented by the Horror Writers of America on June 13 at the Stoker Awards Weekend in Burbank, California.

  • Superior Novel: Duma Key, by Stephen King
  • Superior First Novel: The Gentling Box, by Lisa Manetti.
  • Superior Long Fiction Award: “Miranda,” by John R. Little
  • Superior Short Fiction: “The Lost,” by Sarah Langan
  • Superior Fiction Collection Award: Just After Sunset, by Stephen King
  • Superior Anthology Award: Unspeakable Horror, edited by Vince Liaguno and Chad Helder
  • Richard Laymon President’s Award to John Little
  • Superior Non-Fiction: A Hallowe’en Anthology, by Lisa Morton
  • Superior Poetry Award: The Nightmare Collection, by Bruce Boston
  • Silver Hammer Award: Sephera Giron for her service to the organization.

Anne Braude in Hospital

Fan Anne Braude, who wrote for the fanzine Yandro in the 1960s, underwent emergency abdominal surgery on June 10. Following the surgery, during which a complete colectomy was performed, Braude was moved to the ICU, where she was listed in very critical condition.

Obituary: Paul O. Williams

Author Paul O. Williams (b.1935) died on June 2. Williams was the author of the Pelbar Cycle, a series of seven novels set in a post-apocalyptic Illinois. In 1983, Williams won the John Campbell Award for Best New Author. In addition to the Pelbar series, Williams published two other science fiction novels, the most recent in 2004. He was also a poet, having served as president of the Haiku Society of America, and was a professor emeritus of English at Principia College.

Jown W. Campbell Award Nominees

The nominees for the John W. Campbell Award, presented for best science-fiction novel of the year, the winner will be announced during the Campbell Conference Awards Banquet at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. This year’s banquet will take place the weekend of July 9 – 12. The Campbell Award is selected by a jury which currently consists of Gregory Benford, Paul A. Carter, James Gunn, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Paul Kincaid, Christopher McKitterick, Pamela Sargent, and T.A. Shippey.

  • Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
  • City at the End of Time, by Greg Bear
  • Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow
  • The Philosopher’s Apprentice, by James Morrow
  • Song of Time, by Ian MacLeod
  • Valley of Day-Glo, by Nick Di Chario

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Obituary: Bette Farmer

Bette Farmer (b.1923) died on June 10. Farmer was the widow of science fiction author Philip José Farmer, having been married from 1941 through his death in February of this year. Over the years, Farmer wrote a few essays for fanzines about her husband and frequently attended conventions with him, including Farmercon.