Edmond Hamilton Day

July 18 has been declared Edmond Hamilton Day in Kinsman, Ohio, the former home and burial place of Edmond Hamilton. The event will include the release of three collections of Hamilton’s work by Haffner Press, a display of Hamilton’s work, a presentation and a toast at Hamilton’s grave.

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  1. Robert M. Cerello — December 7, 2009 @ 5:18 pm

    Edmond Hamilton was by my lights a giant in early sci-fi. Perhaps half the early ideas and brilliances in the field before the not-so Golden Age were his–from the spacewalk to interstellar travel to a dozen other inventions. I’ve studied and applied his methods, approved of his heroic spirit and galactic visions and read from the first book in the list–the incomparable story of “The Star Kings”–to the last with undiminished enjoyment. Quiet as he was, Hamilton would have approved this tribute, I think, since he adopted Ohio as his second home and with his talented wife made a life for himself by energy, vision and continuous professionalism. Thank you for the good news. Truly he was the man who “saw through time”, if anyone deserves that accolade. I hope generations to come will continue to be allowed to rediscover his early, vigorous and stimulating adventures, and those works that were far, far more than merely ‘a good read”. If “The Man Who Evolved”, “Son of Two Worlds”, “What’s it Like Out There?”, “Forgotten World” and the great Fessenden’s Worlds”, plus “The Star of Life” and “Battle for the Stars” plus the “Starwolves” trilogy don’t set your blood racing, you may not be among the living to start with. Hail and farewell to a master.

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