Obituary: Vic Mizzy

Composer Vic Mizzy (b.1916) died on October 17. Mizzy is most famous for writing the snappy theme to the television show The Addams Family. In addition, Mizzy recorded the song, overdubbing himself to make it sound like there were multiple voices. In 1960, Mizzy began to write music for television shows following a career writing for Doris Day, the Andrews Sisters, and other singers. He also socred several films for Don Knotts, including The Reluctant Astronaut.

Obituary: Joseph Wiseman

Actor Joseph Wiseman (b.1918) died on October 19. Wiseman is best known for his portrayal of Dr. No in the James Bond film of the same name. He also appeared in The Twilight Zone episode “One More Pallbearer,” several episodes of Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century, and The Greatest American Hero.

Rothfuss Offers Tuckerization

Patrick Rothfuss is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for Heifer International. Making a donation through Rothfuss, either by mail or Paypal, will enter the donor into a raffle to be tuckerized in his next novel, The Wise Man’s Fear. The fundraising drive will run through November 15.

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Obituary: Louise Cooper

Author Louise Cooper (b.1952) died on October 20. She published The Book of Paradox,her first novel, in 1973 and became a full-time author in 1977 after the publication of her sixth novel. Cooper supplemented her writing income with copy-editing and proofreading. Over the course of her career, Cooper published more than 80 novels.

Lightspeed Launch

Prime Books has announced plans to launch a new on-line magazine, Lightspeed, in June of 2010. The magazine will be edited by John Joseph Adams, who will be leaving his position as assistant editor at F&SF at the end of the year. Andrea Kail will edit the magazine’s non-fiction. Issues will include four stories (generally two original and two reprints), as well as original non-fiction.

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Obituary: Bob Schoenfeld

Fan Bob Schoenfeld died in 2006 according to recent reports. Schoenfeld got into fandom through comics. He published the comic-centric fanzines Gosh Wow and On the Drawing Board. A member of the Ozark Science Fiction Association (OSFA) and its spin-off, The Saturday People, an invitation St. Louis fan club, and , Schoenfeld was the editor of the St. Louiscon Program Book for the 1969 Worldcon.

Doctor Who Museum to Close

The Doctor Who Museum in Blackpool, England, is scheduled to close on November 8. First opened in 2004, the museum will remain open from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm every day until then. The museum’s collection of Doctor Who props and costumes will be redistributed to other Doctor Who exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom.

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Obituary: Barry Letts

Producers Barry Letts (b.1925) died on October 9. Originally an actor, he decided to become a director and producers in the 1960s. His association with Doctor Who began in 1967 when he directed the six part “The Enemy of the World.” He was a producer of the show from 1969 to 1974, during which time, he hired Tom Baker. Letts returned to the show as an executive producer from 1980-1981.

Obituary: Ed Valigursky

Artist Ed Valigursky (b.1926) died on September 7 of heart failure. In addition to a large amount of work for magazines including Amazing, IF, and Fantastic Adventures, as well as book covers, Valigursky’s artwork was commissioned by NASA. Valigursky studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago following World War II.

Indy Comic Book Week

Following the announcement that Diamond Comic Distributors will not be shipping comics teh week of December 30, Indy Comic Week has been established, with a call for independent and small press comic book creators to fill the vacancy and arange to publish new materials and offer them to stores on December 30.

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