Baen Title Winner

Ellen Kaye-Cheveldayoff was declared the winner of Baen Books’ contest to title Esther Friesner’s 2010 vampire anthology. Kaye-Cheveldayoff suggested the title Fangs for the Mammeries. In addition to the book bearing her title, Kaye-Cheveldayoff will receive mention in the book’s introduction as well as ten free copies of the book and $100.

TAFF 2010

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) Race for 2010 is underway. The winner will travel to Eastercon to help build ties between North American and European fandom. Anyone active in fandom prior to April 2008 may vote. There is a US$3 or £2 voting fee. This year’s candidates are Frank Wu and the team of Anne K.G. Murphy and Brian Gray. The ballot and the candidates’ platforms can be found on the TAFF website.

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