Rotsler Winner

Dan Steffan has been named the winner of this year’s Rotsler Award. Established in 1998, the Rotsler, named for fan artist William Rotsler, includes an honorarium of $300 and is presented for long-time artistic achievement in amateur publications of the science fiction community. The Rotsler Award is sponsored by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests. Current judges are Claire Brialey, Mike Glyer, and John Hertz.

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Obituary: Milorad Pavic

Serbian author and poet Milorad Pavic (b.1929) died of heart failure on November 30. Pavic is perhaps best known to anglophonic readers for his novel The Dictionary of the Khazars, which was published in translation in 1988. Many of his books dealt with time travel and frequently had a gimmick. His subsequent books included Landscape Painted With Tea, Inner Side of the Wind, Last Love on Constantinople, and Unique Item.

Obituary: I.F. Clarke

Bibliographer Ignatius Frederic Clarke (I.F. Clarke) (b.1918) died on November 5. Clarke published Voices Prophesying War in 1966 and followed it up with a multi-volume history of British science fiction in 2001. In 1974, Clarke won the SFRA’s Pilgrim Award for distinguished contribution to science fiction and the organization’s Pioneer Award in 1997 for his essay “Future-war Fiction: The First Main Phase 1871-1900.” In addition, with his wife, Margaret, Clarke produced several translations of French science fiction.

Endeavour Award

The 2009 Endeavour Award was presented at Orycon the weekend of November 27. This year’s award, which is given annually for works by authors with a tie to the Pacific Northwest, went to David D. Levine for his collection Space Magic. The award includes a plaque and a prize of $1,000. Judges for this year’s award were Joe Haldeman, John Helfers, and Sarah Zettel.

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Obituary: Robert Holdstock

Author Robert Holdstock (b.1948) died on November 29 after spending ten days in hospital battling an e. coli infection. Holdstock was the author of the Mythago cycle and the Merlin Codex series. He twice won the World Fantasy Award (for Mythago Wood and “The Ragthorn.”) as well as numerous other awards. He began publishing in 1968 with the short story “Pauper’s Plot.”

TAFF Tuckerization Auction

On Friday, November 27, TAFF candidates Anne K.G. Murphy, Brian Gray, and Frank Wu will be hosting an auction to raise funds for TAFF on Ebay. The auction will include Tuckerizations from Cory Doctorow, Charlie Stross, David Brin, Elizabeth Bear, Nalo Hopkinson, Julie Czerneda, and Mary Robinette Kowal. Other items include first editions of George Orwell’s 1984 and John Hersey’s Hiroshima. A Tuckerization is the inclusion of an individuals name in a work of fiction, named for Wilson Tucker who used to include his friends in his novels. TAFF is the Trans Atlantic Fan Fun, which, each year, sends a fan from North America to Europe, or vice versa, to foster fannish relations.

Obituary: Ken Krueger

Comic Con founder Ken Kreuger (b.1926) died of an heart attack on November 21. Krueger was an attendee of the first World Science Fiction Convention in 1939 and was active in fandom throughout his life, including owning a bookstore in San Diego. He is perhaps best known for his work on the Golden State Comic-Con in 1970, which grew into the San Diego Comic Con. Krueger’s death comes in the same month as that of Comic Con founder Shel Dorf.

Polyphony 7 Pre-Order

Wheatland Press declared that they were on hiatus due to the current economic situation. Prior to the hiatus, they had made plans and purchased stories for Polyphony 7, the latest of their anthology series that began in 2002. According to publisher Deborah Layne, if they receive 225 pre-orders for Polyphony 7 by March 1, 2010, they will go ahead and print the book, otherwise all pre-order money will be refunded on that date and Polyphony will officially cease publication.

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Obituary: Phil Castora

Los Angeles fan Phil Castora (b.1934) died sometime in July. Because of health issues, Castora was living on disability and unable to attend LASFS events in recent years. His death was discovered by fandom when two members of LASFS took distributions of L-APA to the facility where Castora was living and informed of his death.

Browncoat Ball 2010

The 2010 Browncoat Ball, bringing together fans of Firefly and Serenity, will be held from October 22-24 in Charlotte, NC.

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