Robert Holdstock in Hospital

Author Robert Holdstock has entered hospital and is in intensive care, described by Ansible as “gravely ill.”

GUFF 2010 Race

The candidates for the 2010 GUFF race to send a fan from Europe to Australasia have been announced. James Shields and Douglas Spencer are vying to represent Europe at Aussiecon 4. Voting runs until April 5 and is open to anyone active in fandom prior to August 2008 and makes a contribution of at least £5 or AU$10.

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Nisi Shawl to Attend ICFA

Nisi Shawl has been announced as the recipient of a private scholarship to attend next year’s Internation Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Arthur Hlavaty, Bernadette Bosky, and Kevin Maroney has previously announced that they would be giving a private scholarship to an individual to attend.

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Campbell Jury Changes

Paul A. Carter has announced his retirement from the John W. Campbell Memorial Award jury after serving for several decades. Sheila Finch and Paul di Filippo will both join the jury effective immediately. The John W. Campbell Memorial Award is presented annually by the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction in Lawrence, KS.

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Cohen Named Editor

Douglas Cohen has been named editor at Realms of Fantasy. Cohen has served the magazine as a slush reader, assistant editor, non-fiction editor, and art director. This promotion consolidates his titles. Shawna McCarthy, who has been the magazine’s editor since the first issue will retain her role at the magazine.


ALAMO has awarded two grants of $300 to Lauren C. Allison and Meredith Hines to attend the SMOFcon 27 convention-runners convention in Austin, TX, December 4-6, 2009. ALAMO is the Austin Literary Arts Maintenance Organization and was organized to run the 1997 Worldcon.

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Nova Awards

The Nova Awards were presented at Novacon the weekend of November 13. The Novas are given for excellence in British fanzines. Steve Green, the award’s administrator, has announced that he will step down, to be replaced by Martin Tudor.

Best Fanzine: Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
Best Fan Writer: Claire Brialey
Best Fan Artist: Sue Mason

ISFiC Writers Contest Winner

John M. Cowan won the ISFiC Writers Contest for his short story “Oracle,” announced at opening ceremonies at Windycon 36 on November 13. The ISFiC Writers Contest has been running since 1986 and is open to any unpublished author living in Illinois or an ajoining state, or any member of Windycon. This year’s entrants were judged by Roland Green, Betty Ann Hull, and Bill Fawcett. Cowan was previously an attendee at the Windycon Writers Workshop, administered by former ISFiC Writers Contest winner Richard Chwedyk.

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Obituary: Edward Woodward

Actor Edward Woodward (b.1930) died on November 16. Woodward appeared in numerous films and television shows, including the title role on The Equalizer. Some of his genre work included the 1970s series 1990, 1996 television version of Gulliver’s Travels, the role of Merlin in Arthur the King, and The Wicker Man.

Obituary: John D. Taylor

Kansas City fan John D. Taylor (b.1946) died on November 14 from cancer. Taylor was a founding member of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society in 1971. Taylor ran Kansas City’s only science fiction specialty store, founded Kansas City’s first science fiction convention, and was instrumental in running MidAmeriCon, the 1976 Worldcon in Kansas City. More recently, Taylor helped with the Heinlein Centennial. Active until the end, he co-chaired ConQuest in 2009. He is survived by his daughter and his second wife, Tina Black, to whom he was married eighteen days before his death.