Senter Pleads Guilty

Shane Senter has pled guilty to four counts of the indictment against him. When sentencing occurs later this month, he is expected to receive 5 years probation, not be allowed to own, operate, manage or control a business where he takes payments/deposits up front, and be ordered to pay restitution.

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Lost Persian Army Found?

Archaeologists working in western Egypt believe they may have discovered the remains of the army of the Persian King Cambyses II. According to Herodotus, the army, which numbered 50,000, was destroyed by a sandstorm in 525 BCE. The expedition, which has uncovered hundreds of bones, bronze weapons, and jewelry, is being led by Italian archaeologists Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni.

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H1N1 at WFC

One case of H1N1 has been confirmed among attendees of World Fantasy Con, held last weekend in San Jose. Australian editor Jonathan Strahan became ill immediately after the convention and has been diagnosed as suffering from the virus, although his doctor did not run clinical tests. Although other cases of concrud may affect people, no other confirmed cases of H1N1 have been reported from World Fantasy Con.

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Nebula Awards Commissioner

SFWA President Russell Davis has announced that Madeleine Robins will be taking over as the Nebula Awards Commissioner as the new rules governing the Nebula Awards take effect. Robins takes over from Brook West, who has been administering the Nebula Awards for several years.

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Private ICFA Scholarship Available

A private scholarship to permit a person of color to attend next year’s International Conference of the Fantastic in the Arts in Orlando, FL from march 17-21. The award is a private presentation by Arthur Hlavaty, Bernadette Bosky, and Kevin Maroney.

To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant should:

  • have an interest in race and fantastic literature including science-fiction and/or horror, identify
  • be known as someone who is not white
  • will be 21 or over in March
  • want to actively participate in conference activities/discussions
  • cannot get money from a university to help you attend

The decision will be made by the judges using their our own criteria, including (but far from limited to) any writing you have done that we have seen and if we already know you personally; the decision is not subject to debate.

The deadline is Thursday, November 12.

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Golden Gryphon Sale

Golden Gryphon is holding a buy one, get one free sale at their website through the end of the year. Golden Gryphon was founded in 1997 and in 1999, founder Jim Turner won the World Fantasy Award for his work on the press.

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SFSFC Awards 2009 SMOFCon Scholarship

San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (SFSFC) has announced that Kirsten M. Berry is the recipient of this year’s scholarship to attend SMOFCon 27 in Austin, Texas. Berry has been attending and working on conventions of various sizes for twenty-five years.

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Obituary: Shel Dorf

Comic Con founder Shel Dorf (b.1933) died on November 3. Dorf was trained at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before working as a freelance artist in New York. As a teenager, he had helped run Triple Fan Fest in Detroit. When he moved to San Diego in 1970, he decided to run something similar and Golden State Comic Con was born. Dorf walked away from the convention in the mid-80s after running it for 15 years.

Obituary: Qian Xuesen

Rocket scientist Qian Xuesen (b.1911) died on October 31. Qian, also known as H.S. Tsien, was one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His work wouuld be the inspiration for the Dyno-soar project. During the 1950s, he was accused of being a communist sympathizer, stripped of security clearance. Attempting to return to his native China, he was detained by the US for five years. In China, he became known as the Father of Chinese Rocketry.

SF&F Translation Awards

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards have been established. Announced at World Fantasy Con in San Jose, two awards will be given annually for science fiction translated into English, one for long form and one for short form. The first awards are slated to be presented in 2011 for works published in 2010. Both the original author and the translator will be recognized.

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