Asteroid 2010 KQ Artificial

Scientists believe that asteroid 2010 KQ, which was discovered on May 16, 2010 by Richard Kowalski at the Catalina Sky Survey and passed Earth just outside lunar orbit on May 21, is artificial. Scientists believe the object is less than 10 meters in length and may be the spent stage of an early rocket booster. The object may have been near Earth in 1975.

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Compton Crook Winner

Paolo Bacigalupi won this year’s Compton Crook Award for best first novel for his book The Windup Girl, which also won the Nebula earlier this month. The award comes with a prize of $1,000 and the winner will be treated as a guest of honor for two consecutive Balticons.

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Sturgeon Nominees

The nominees for this year’s Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for short story have been announced. The winner, selected by a jury comprised of James Gunn, Kij Johnson, Frederik Pohl, George Zebrowski, and Noel Sturgeon, will be announced at this year’s Campbell Conference in Lawrence, KS the weekend of July 16-18.

  • “Things Undone,” by John Barnes
  • “This Wind Blowing, and This Tide,” by Damien Broderick
  • “As Women Fight,” by Sara Genge
  • “Blood Dauber,” by Ted Kosmatka and Michael Poore
  • “Cockatrice,” by Tanith Lee
  • Shambling Towards Hiroshima, by James Morrow
  • “Her Voice in a Bottle,” by Tim Pratt
  • “True Fame,” by Robert Reed
  • “The Death of Che Guevara,” by Lewis Shiner
  • “Eros, Philia, Agape,” by Rachel Swirsky
  • “The Island,” by Peter Watts

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  • University of California Short Story Contest

    The Eaton Conference is holding a short story contest open to all students in the University of California system. Stories must be science fiction and no longer than 6,000 words. The first place winner will receive $500 and the second prize will be $250. Entries must be received by Gwido Zlatkes no later than October 8.

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    Eaton Call for Papers

    A call for papers for the 2011 Eaton Science Fiction Conference has been issued. The theme for the 2011 event is “Global Science Fiction.” Paper and panel proposals should address the ways in which science fiction is a global phenomenon. 500 word abstracts should be submitted by June 15 to Melissa Conway. The 2011 conference will be held Feb. 11-13 at the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside.

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    Thundercats Writer Steve Perry Missing

    Steve Perry, who wrote several episodes of the animated television series Thundercats in the 1980s, has been missing from his home for several days. Perry, along with two of his housemates, vanished on May 16. The housemates were found and arrested on May 21 and a severed arm was found in Perry’s abandoned van, along with other body parts recovered from a nearby gas station. Police are currently treating the case as a missing person’s case. Perry also wrote for the comics Timspirits and Psi-Force.

    Perry should not to be confused with others of the same name, including a science fiction author.

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    Prix Aurora Announced

    The winners of the Canadian Prix Aurora were announced the weekend of May 21 at Keycon27/Canvention 30 in Winnipeg. Winners in all categories are listed below. The Prix Aurora is voted on by the membership of Canvention.

    Best Novel in English: Wake, by Robert J. Sawyer
    Meilleur Roman en Français (Best Novel In French): Suprématie, by Laurent McAllister
    Best Short-Form Work in English: ”Pawns Dreaming of Roses,” by Eileen Bell
    Meilleure Nouvelle en Français (Best Short-Form In French): «Ors blancs» by Alain Bergeron
    Best Work in English (Other): Women of the Apocalypse, edited by the Apocalyptic Four
    Meilleur Ouvrage en Français (Autre) / (Best Work In French (Other): Revue. Joel Champetier, éditeur
    Artistic Achievement: Dan O’Driscoll, Cover of Steel Whispers
    Fan Accomplishment (Fanzine): WCFSAZine , edited by Richard Graeme Cameron
    Fan Accomplishment (Organization): David Hayman, organization Filk Hall of Fame
    Fan Accomplishment (Other): Ray Badgerow, Astronomy Lecture at USS Hudson Bay

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    Obituary: George Ewing

    Author George Ewing (b.1946) died on May 18 following a massive heart attack. Ewing was a member of the St. Petersburg (Florida) Writers Club and frequently attended Necronomicon. He has published short stories as well as technical articles. Ewing was a member of the Clarion class of 1973 and began publishing short stories in 1974 with “Black Fly.”

    Obituary: Joy Sanderson

    Fan Joy Sanderson (b.1923) died on April 22. Sanderson was, at different times, married to Vin¢ Clarke and Sandy Sanderson. In 1957, she served as Secretary for Loncon I, that year’s Worldcon. When she decided it was time to downsize houses in 2001, she worked with Moshe Feder to ensure that her collection of fanzines would be preserved.

    Obituary: David Dursten

    Director and screenwriter David E. Dursten (b.1921) died on May 6. Dursten wrote two episodes of the television series Tales of Tomorrow as well as the horror film I Drink Your Blood, which he also directed and acted in.