Xatafi-Cyberdark Nominations

Nominees for the Xatafi-Cyberdark Awards have been announced. The Spanish language awards will be presented at the Getafe Negro Convention in Madrid the weekend of October 18.

Spanish Language Book

  • El fondo del cielo, by Rodrigo Fresán (The Bottom of the Sky)
  • Fin, by David Monteagudo (End)
  • De mecánica y alquimia, by Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (On Mechanics and Alchemy)
  • Mobymelville, by Daniel Pérez Navarro
  • La ultima noche de Hipatia, by Eduardo Vaquerizo (Hipatia’s Last Night)
  • Alarido de Dios, by José Miguel Vilar-Bou (God’s Howl)

Transated Book

  • Titán, by Ben Bova
  • Diáspora, by Greg Egan
  • El corcel, by Carol Emshwiller (The Mount)
  • El nombre del viento, by Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind)
  • El reparador de biblias, by Tim Powers (The Bible Repairman)
  • Visión ciega, by Peter Watts (Blindsight)

Spanish Language Story

  • El faro de las islas de Os Baixos,” by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (“The Lighthouse of Os Baixos”)
  • Lapis philosophorum,” by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel
  • La maldición de los Zweiss,” by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (“The Curse of the Zweiss”)

Translated Story

  • Un alma embotellada,” by Tim Powers (“A Soul in a Bottle”)
  • El camino de bajada,” by Tim Powers (“The Low Road”)
  • Dondequiera que se oculten,” by Tim Powers (“Wherever It Hides”)
  • El reparador de biblias,” by Tim Powers (“The Bible Repairman”)

Best publisher initiative

  • Editorial La Biblioteca del Laberinto, for publishing Aguistín de Foxá
  • Editorial Impedimenta, for the translation of Stanislaw Lem’s work into Spanish
  • Editorial Mondadori, for its career and contribution to the genre
  • Editorial Salto de Pagina, for its career and its investment in the fantastic in Spanish

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