Geffen Awards

The Geffen Award winners, presented by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, were announced at Icon, currently being held in Tel Aviv.

  • Best Translated Science Fiction Book: Isaac Asimov’s Collected Short Stories, Vol. 1, by Isaac Asimov
  • Best Translated Fantasy Book: Nation, by Terry Prachett
  • Best Israeli Short Story: “Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes – Or the Affair of the Fannington House Curse,” by Vered Tochterman
  • Best Israeli Novel: To Be (Chong Levi’s Fifth), by Yoav Avni

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Trilobyte Named For Xeelee

A group of Czech scientists have named a newly discovered species of trilobyte for the Xeelee, aliens found in a series of novels by Stephen Baxter. The trilobyte flourished approximately 50 million years ago. Baxter has stated “It is very cool.”

Friendliest Planet Found

Astronomers have discovered the most hospitable exoplanet yet found orbiting the star Gliese 581, about 20 light years from Earth. The new planet has been named Gliese 581g, one of two additional planets discovered orbiting Gliese 581, brings that star’s system to six planets. Gliese 581g has a mass between 3 and 4 times that of Earth and orbits in the middle of the star’s habitable zone. The planet is believed to be tidally locked to its primary.

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Obituary: Tony Curtis

Actor Tony Curtis (b. Bernard Schwartz, 1925) died on September 29 in his home in Las Vegas. Best known for so many films, not least of which are Some Like It Hot, Spartacus, The Great Race, Operation Petticoat, The Great Imposter, and The Defiant Ones (his only Oscar nomination). He also appeared in some genre works, including Rosemary’s Baby, Lobster Man from Mars, The Manitou, The Mummy Lives, and an episode of Lois and Clark.

Obituary: Arthur Penn

Director Arthur Penn (b.1922) died on September 28, a day after his 88th birthday. Penn received three Oscar nominations, for his films The Miracle Worker, Bonnie and Clyde, and Alice’s Restaurant. He directed one horror film, Dead of Winter and appeared in two episodes of the television series BeastMaster, his only acting roles.

Obituary: Sally Menke

Film editor Sally Menke (b.1953) died on September 28 while hiking. Menke edited the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the horror films Grindhouse and Nightwatch. She worked closely with Quentin Tarantino and was the editor on all of his films from Reservoir Dogs to Inglourious Basterds. She received Oscar nominations for Inglourious Basterds and Pulp Fiction.

Obituary: Ralph Vicinanza

Agent Ralph Vicinanza (b.1950) died of a brain aneurysm on September 26. Vicinanza represented Stephen King, Connie Willis, Robert J. Sawyer, Stephen Baxter, and many other major science fiction and fantasy authors. Vicinanza also had a producer credit on some films and television shows made based on his clients work, including FlashForward, Jumper, and the forthcoming The Forever War. A memorial service is being planned for October 1.

Obituary: Gloria Stuart

Actress Gloria Stuart (b.1910) died on September 26. Bets known as the older version fo Rose in the film Titanic, Stuart co-starred with Claude Rains in the 1933 verison of The Invisible Man. Othe rgenre credits include Roman Scandal, It’s Great to Be Alive, and The Old Dark House. Stuart began acting in films in 1932 and retired in 1946. She came out of retirement in 1975 and continued to work until 2004.

Science Fiction World Editorial Change

Li Chang, the editor of Science Fiction World, the largest circulation sf magazine in the world, has been removed from his post. Li’s removal comes after many months of complaints about his practices and he is being replaced, temporarily, by Liu Shucheng, the vice president of SFW. Li was described in an open letter signed by numerous editors as unprofessional, arbitrary, and impracticable.

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Obituary: Jackie Burroughs

Actress Jackie Burroughs (b.1939) died on September 22. Burroughs, who is best known for her role in Avonlea appeared in several genre productions, including episodes of Smallville, The Twilight Zone, and Ewoks. Her genre films include Heavy Metal, Food of the Gods 2, Willard, and Into the Labyrinth.