ISFiC Writers Contest Winner

Mary Mascari won the ISFiC Writer’s Contest with her story “Lost and Found.” The contest is sponsored by ISFiC in conjunction with Windycon. Mascari won a membership at Windycon, room night, and a gold coin. Her story was published in the con program book. This year’s contest was judged by Jody Lynn Nye, Roland Green, and Elizabeth Anne Hull.

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ROF Gets the Band Back Together

Douglas Cohen has announced that both he and Shawna McCarthy will be continuing in their positions with Realms of Fantasy under new publisher Damnation Books. Guidelines and pay rates are expected to remain as they were under Tir na Nog.

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Obituary: Dino De Laurentiis

Filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis (b.1919) died on November 11. De Laurentiis produced several science fiction and fantasy films including the remake of King Kong, Dune, Conan the Barbarian, Barbarella, Flash Gordon, The Dead Zone, and Army of Darkness. In 2001, he won the Irving R. Thalberg Award and he won an Oscar in 1957 for La Strada. The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films presented him with a lifetime achievement award in 1997.

Bailey Poem on Anchor

SF Author Robin Wayne Bailey has received news that a poem he wrote has been selected as one of four poems to be engraved on an historic concrete barge anchor located in Davis Grove within the Riverfront West area along Riverfront Heritage Trail in Kansas City, MO. Bailey has commented that the poem “is likely to outlast just about any of my novels or hundreds of stories.”

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Change Among the Plutoids

Recent measurements of Eris, the dwarf planet discovered in 2005 which led to the reclassification of Pluto, indicate that the object may be smaller than originally believed. Eris’s high density means that the plutoid is most likely smaller, although more massive, the Pluto, which may now be the largest of the dwarf planets. The new measurements of Eris were conducted during an occultation by the plutoid of a star in Cetus, observed in the Chilean Andes on November 6.

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Shuttle Tanks Cracked

Following a delay in the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery, NASA has discovered two nine-inch long cracks in the shuttle’s external fuel tank. Earlier, a twenty-inch crack had been discovered. The new cracks appeared on the fuel tank’s stringers, vertical, composite aluminum ribs on the tank’s exterior. The launch will not take place until sometime after November 30, with the new cracks possibly delaying the launch even more.

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Norilana Anthologies On Hold

Vera Nazarian has announced that she has had to postpone publishing the anthologies Lace and Blade 3, Warrior Wisewoman 4, Scheherazade’s Facade, and Clothesline World. Each of these titles have been delayed one year and when it returns, Lace and Blade is expected to have a new editor. In addition, The Ladies of Trade Town has been released and will be published by a different company. Clockwork Phoenix had already planned a year’s hiatus and Sword and Sorceress will not be affected.

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Obituary: George Brickner

Chicago fan George Brickner (b.1952) died November 5. Brickner, who also went by the name Dupa T. Parrot, was a beta tester for the CompuServe Forums in 1979 and went on to have a long on-line presence on the science fiction section of the forums once they went live. Brickner was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009.

Garden State Horror Writers Contest Winners

The winners of the Garden State Horror Writers Contest have been announced. The first prize winner will receive publication in Space and Time magazine and $75. The theme of the 2010 contest wa “Contact” in any form,

  • First Prize (Graverson Award): “The Awakening,” by Larry Hodges
  • Second Place: “Until I Come Again,” by Justin Gustainis
  • Third Place: “Theater Crowd,” by Joe Nazare
  • Honorable Mentions: “Brujah-ha,” by Lisa Fary; and “Angelica Smiles,” by Bill Mingen

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Amazon Grant to Shared Worlds

Amazon has announced a $15,000 grant to Shared Worlds, a science fiction/fantasy writing camp for teens sponsored by Wofford College of Spartanburg, SC. The grant will be used to help pay for guest writers, awarding scholarships for disadvantaged students, and general operating expenses. The 2011 camp will take place the final two weeks of July.

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