Obituary: Barry Hobart

Actor Barry Hobart (b.1942) died on January 11. Hobart is best known for his role of Dr. Creep, a horror movie host on WKEF Television in Dayton, Ohio. Hobart’s character debuted in 1972, introducing late night horror films, moving to Saturday afternoons later in the decade and eventually leaving the airwaves in 1985, although Hobart remained at the station until 1991. Throughout the 90s, he would continue to make appearances as the character.

  1. Steve Sisco — April 27, 2011 @ 10:48 am

    I grew up watching Shock Theatre as well as Saturday Night Dead and truly enjoyed watching the crazy antics of my childhood beloved Dr. Creep. In the mid 70’s, I wrote Dr. Creep and received an autograph picture of him and for a pre-adolescent – I was thrilled and proudly displayed it in my room for all my friends to see. I am saddened by his passing which I just learned of today while browsing the internet. My prayers go out to his family. Though I personally did not know him, he was a star celebrity in my young eyes whose name did not fit what I saw in his public character. Thank you Dr. Creep for good childhood memories.