Obituary: Brian Jacques

British author Brian Jacques (b.1939) died on February 5 of an heart attack. Jacques is the author of the novel Redwall and the subsequent series of books. A television series and various ancillary products about the series were also produced. In addition to Redwall, Jacques published three volumes in the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series and various short stories.

DUFF Call for Nominations

DUFF administrators John Hertz and Emma Hawkes have called for candidates to stand for the 2010 GUFF race to bring a fan from Australasia to North America for the 2011 Worldcon, Renovation. Candidates need to have five nominators (3 Australians or New Zealanders, 2 North Americans), a short written platform, post a $25 bond, and a pledge to make the trip if they win.

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