Rebel Tales Closes

Holly Lisle has announced the closure of her nascent publishing operation Rebel Tales. Lisle has stated that the misrepresentation of the company by a potential editor has convinced her that she “cannot guarantee that some other person will never misrepresent himself and his actions while using [Lisle’s] name and the name of Rebel Tales as cover for wrongdoing.

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Changes at Electric Velocipede

John Klima has announced that Electric Velocipede will cease to be distributed by Night Shade Press after the current issue, 21/22. Klima and Night Shade have determined that Night Shade’s book business can not support the distribution of a periodical. Night Shade will pay contributors to Electric Velocipede 23-25 and the contents of those issues will be placed on-line. If the magazine continues beyond that point, it will most likely be on-line only.

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South-Western Fan Fund Looking for Candidates

The South Western Fan Fund has been introduced to help send a representative from the Southern US to Westercon and a Western representative to DeepSouthCon on alternating years. The SWFF is based on existing fan funds and will exist through the donations of fans. This year’s fund will allow a Southern fan to travel to the 2011 Westercon. Candidates should declare by March 1. The current fan fund administrators are Christopher J. Garcia and Warren Buff.