Lovecraft in San Diego

Danger House is presenting a double bill featuring the play The Foot of the Mummy and H. P. Lovecraft’s The Festival. The plays are running through February 19 at Technomania Circus in San Diego. Tickets are 410 and the plays begin at 8:00.

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Comet Tempel Flyby

The Stardust-NExT probe flew to within 112 miles of Comet Tempel I on February 14, taking a series of photos of the comet. Comet Tempel had previously been visited by a NASA spacecraft in 2005, when Deep Impact collided with the comet. This is the first time a comet has been revisited after a complete orbit. Photos have shown that erosion has changed the face of the comet, but the impact crater left by Deep Impact appears to have partially healed itself.

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Obituary: Pam Poggiani

Author Pam “Pogo” Poggiani died in February from cardiac arrest. Poggiani was active on the Baen Bar boards and published the essay “A Looming Challenge” in Grantville Gazette IV. Poggiani was also active in the ReadAssist program to aid fans who have physical problems that make reading or communicating difficult. She was known as Lady Melusine Whitcroft the Petite in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Borders Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Borders Books and Music filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 16. It plans to close about 30% of its stores over the next several weeks. The Chapter 11 filing allows Borders to reorganize its operations while it seeks new capital.

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